People pay me $25-50k an hour

What people offer me every day for my Time is usually between 25 and 50 000 an Hour me writing a book takes like this Next book that's going to come out 100 Million dollar leads it'll probably take Me by the time it's published about 1300 Hours and I'm gonna give it away for 99 Cents and so if I think about that like Okay well 25 000 times a thousand is 25 Million so I put 25 million dollars of What I probably could have spent time on Directly into this book that I'm gonna Give away for 99 cents if I'm using the Net worth stick it would be a failure And I should do other stuff that I would Get a better return on my time on but in Terms of the Goodwill and the amount of People that it will reach there are few That are better and it will outlive me YouTube videos will not outlive me book Will and so when I think about that long Term like that's when I'm on my deathbed Having nothing left to give I want to Extract everything I can out of my head

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