People think they’re wasting their time with a job

A lot of people think they're wasting Their time working at their job or doing Some repetitive tasks because they see People on Instagram they see me saying You need to do high leverage activities And you do the thing is is how do you Build leverage you build leverage by Having stair step of activities that Build on the past effort so for example If you wanted to get into Finance you Want to be an investment banker you want To do private Equity if you can't do Arithmetic it's going to be really tough To be in private Equity but when you're Doing your math problems when you're 10 Years old you're not thinking like man This is such low leverage it is low Leverage but it's building to the next Thing that will give you more leverage People conflate sequence they think what They're doing is not getting them Leveraged because it's not getting them Leveraged today but it is building the Fulcrum that they're going to be able to Crank leverage on later on in their Career

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