I Made $3,500 in 7 Days using ChatGPT

All right so we just launched a brand New business and we generated a few Thousand in a few days using chat GPT And AI the question is how did we do it And how can you do the same so in this Video I'll walk you through start to Finish the copywriting the design the Funnel the launch process so you can do This for your business as well before You write or tell chaji BT what to to Give you the copy and all these things You gotta understand what you're selling Right so you can give it the right Inputs so Jonathan who is the friend of Mine who we did this for he is in the Office he has an e-commerce business He's generated a few million dollars in Revenue over the last few years and now People are starting to ask like hey I Know that there's a lot of like Drop Shipping courses out there but you built A real brand like how did you do that he Wanted to create a course kind of Teaching that instead of doing One-on-one coaching calls all the time And so that's kind of the premise the Context of the business that we launched So we went into chat GPT kind of to get A good understanding obviously he has The experience but went in the chat DBT To get a more of a brainstorming session With it and get an outline for what Would be considered a good course Structure right so one thing you could

Ask here and that we started with is Like hey chat GPT I'm the type of person Who like I'm nice to chat GPT like it's A person maybe that helps me get good Like outputs as well hey chat GPT we are Launching an e-commerce course and would Like to get an outline from you you can Also say act as a business Consultant and give me a course outline For And e-commerce course so let's do that Instead we want to give it a little bit More context as well you know because if You input generic prompts then you're Going to get generic outputs as well We're helping both beginners and Professional who already have successful Stores let's start with that one Is going to give us a outline and a lot Of times it'll give you everything from Not just the modules but also the Lessons so you can kind of compare it to What you already have right so you want To brainstorm and use this for the Foundation not necessarily go in and say Hey I don't have any idea what to create So I'll have 10 DBT or any other AI tool Create the course for me and then sell That right because sometimes child GPT And AI isn't factually correct 100 so You know it can generate all this Information from somewhere and it always Gets the information from somewhere else And so yes there's like billions of data

Points coming together but you still Want to actually check that it's is Correct so you can see here's a Suggested course outline for an E-commerce course introduction business Models website development design Product selection sourcing marketing and Sales so you can see it's like from a Strategic or psychological standpoint is Going through what would you need need First right so now you can see yeah like I said it goes through from the business Models Drop Shipping B2B marketplaces Yep product selection sourcing all these Things that I know Jonathan has already Done right or the Fulfillment Logistics Analytics data management Advanced Topics best practices and then Conclusion So this is something that we could use As a foundation he's already started Filling the course I think he's like Almost done with the course and so what We'll do is create a beta course and the Copy for that to sell it kind of give People 50 off when they build it Together with Jonathan provide feedback That sort of thing so now let's use this As a foundation but now we want to kind Of go into copywriting and get more Ideas of like we can say thanks act as a Persuasive copywriter And give me 10 headlines for the sales Page right in the voice of Dan Kennedy

And make it more friendly than CLC so You can see we're not just using copy in The infomercial format where it's like Hey are you tired of this but like let's Use a little bit more like sometimes I Tell it to use more storytelling to not Make it super salesy so unlock the Secrets of e-commerce success a beginner Friendly course say goodbye to Sean Error learn prove and strategies for E-commerce success start your online Business today with our comprehensive E-commerce course maximize your online Sales so you can see that it's giving You all these examples so now Strategically I'm thinking after the Headlines we want to obviously explain Like what the course entails but also we Want to focus on like why should they Want the course in the first place why Build an online business if it's hard And it's like you're taking risks and All these things it's because of the Outcome right you're not just selling a Product selling an outcome so I could Also say thanks now write the first Section of the sales page explaining The benefits of building a successful Online business that provides Freedom Right in the tone of Russell Brunson and Avoid Sounding to say I'll see imagine waking Up each day with the freedom to work for Anywhere in the world no more grueling

Commutes or being tied to a 95 schedule With a successful online business you Have the part to create a lifestyle that Aligns with your values and goals but Building a successful e-comm business Isn't easy it takes more than just Putting up a website and hoping for the Best right that's totally what Russell Would say right which is gonna be pretty Exciting right that's why we created This comprehensive e-commerce course to Give you the knowledge skills and tools You need to succeed in the evergrown World of online sales what are you just A beginner so now it's taking all the Info we're already given the context Like before you start the this you can Also say here's the context of what We're selling like when I use AI gbt for Example I tell it here's the context I Have a course of template bundle and Coaching now if I wanted to promote the Course what would you recommend in terms Of like a promotional material that Doesn't sound too salesy so I can tell It to like act as a Storyteller and just Write a story worry about someone that Wanted more freedom wanted to have a Business wanted to provide for their Family and like all these things so you Can see we have some copy you get the Point this is just like shortly an Overview because we're gonna go through Like the funnel and design like all

These things as well whenever I build Funnels for clients I worked with Tony Robbins Russell Brunson Dean graciosi Robert Kiyosaki like pretty big names so The first thing we do when we build These I have a team now so whenever we Build a funnel I create like a project Brief for the team so that we're all on The same page and so the goal for this Is to sell the digital course via an Automated sales page the problem we're Solving is the most digital course Pages Look like old school infomercials we Want to have a modern education branding Behind this page that builds trust the Objective here is to Showcase Jonathan's Authentic personality and humble Appearance by focusing on his results Not his social image right when I go in For an Instagram flex but at a Community-based page of entrepreneurs Building a great e-com stores together So I then summarize it hey create a Landing page for digital course this is For the team I want to focus on e-coming Online story Shopify winning products Community not living in Lambo lifestyle Not you know nothing against nice cars And all these things but uh we just want To focus on the results and the value That comes with it night not you know Hey you want to travel the world buy This thing and you never have to you Know work and are they we're not selling

Get rich quick so that's the context for The team and then you want to create an Outline so draft a brand mood board Include a color palette create a simple Logo create the above the fold and then I'll go in and then you know review that That's what we're going to talk about First is like what is The Branding of The look of the page that we want And then here's the offer outline as Well so everyone knows what's included Right from there we created the copy so Let's take a look at that again went Back to chargept brainstormed wrote a Little bit added Jonathan's touch to it His experienced his story including in a Vsl as well which you can see on the Page the number one e-commerce course For beginners and professionals actually That ended up being the final Pre-headline that main headline sorry Ecom store and get paying customers in 28 days so you can Be Your Own Boss to Freedom even if you have no previous Experience right and then we start with The problem that we're solving so the Problem leads to the promise and then You you know have proof and everything On the the page to back it up and so Focus on like why you want to have that Business introducing Jonathan up in the E-commerce space for about five years Generated over six million in sales and Completely changed my life right going

To what they get 10 plus the Accountability group the private group One-on-one mentorship all these Different things with the offer see what Other people are saying FAQ all of that And so here's what we had as the first Version and you'll see it's not what we Have as the final one so start your Ecom Store get paying customers in 28 days I Won't go through like all the copy but You can see that like for icons for Example we don't have like specific Icons because we're just trying to get a Structure an outline and this is what You want to do when you build a funnel Is like get the structure first then you Can design it and add branding and all These things so we did use AI for a few Things copy color palettes like there's Tools where you can upload let me see if I find it like colormind you can upload An image and it'll create like color Palettes you can just click generate and It'll give you like these color palettes That are from the images you upload and You can just hit regenerate and like Like this one for example so we have the Copy we have the first page now we're Getting closer to the final product so From here we go okay now now let's add His own you know design and branding and Like all these things and see what we Can get and there's the first version so You can see we have the same copy but

Now we have a logo we have the colors Similar to what we already said there But now we're starting to get a Like custom icons icons by the way that Communicate what you're saying here so It aligns design and copy always aligned Together so this is the first version You can see like we still need to change The mock-up for the product and like Adding adding like names for the Templates and swipe files and just you Know finish the the page but this was a First version even here with with the Mock-ups for the modules like we don't Want to have just a text on them because It doesn't communicate anything we Already have the text here so what I did Is I went into into figma and added like Mindset winning products create your Store Drive sales like all these things Right so we went from that to a darker Version to give two options and like hey Jonathan which one do you like more the Lighter or the darker darker looks more Premium boom awesome change all that Swapped it out and we went with a darker One we still need to finalize the text And then translate it into Swedish and So that's what we did and here's the Final one we even updated the that logo With an AI tool an AI logo generator That gave out a lot of like logos we Could then choose one of them change a Few things boom there we go

And so literally within days we had this Entire business it's a new education Business and it's already generating Sales within a few days so here's the The order form you can see we have all The the offer stack everything that's Included FAQ and like all these things You know it was pretty simple to to set Up all in in Click funnels so that is in A nutshell how we built everything out And so this is how it turned out and we Generated a few thousand in a few days And now we can start scaling it because It's a it's it's live everything is Working all the integration the Automation and this is what I do as a Business owner I build funnels for other People now let's talk about uh real Quick kind of the launch process so for Jonathan these last couple of weeks was Thinking about the course he uh started Reaching out to people and had other People reaching out to him where he kind Of gathered feedback and like hey what Would you want in a course oh you said You wanted like mentoring okay what are You looking to build okay you have these Questions like then uh when they're on The waiting list we sent out a this is Coming soon like in a few days and then On the loan today we're like hey now It's live it's 50 off for the first People within a few days we already had Seven people sign up and so this is

Pretty exciting anyways hopefully you Like this video if you want to learn More what we do Link in the description To everything I have a course where I Teach this as well how to get clients How to get leads how to build a funnel Agency get the 10K per month and doing Cool stuff like this so shout out to Jonathan amazing course it's in Swedish Though so probably not relatable for a Lot of you but still hopefully this Video was helpful and showed you how Easy it can be to launch a new product a New offer using Ai and a tool like chat TPT

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