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Hi there I’m Drew with ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today We’re going to be talking about product Tags You can access the tags section of your Account by going to products And then clicking on the tags tab Here you’ll see a way to search the Existing tags your existing tags list Beneath the search bar And the opportunity to make new tags We’ll start off by creating a new tag When creating a new tag you can select a Name for the tag in this case we’ll Choose education And choose a color for this tag when it Is applied to your various products in Your account today we’ll choose red Now I’m going to click create tag If I wanted to change the way that my Tag is configured I can go to the edit Button on the right hand side of the Tagged listing As you can see I can then change any of The settings that I’ve created for this Tank I can delete the tag if I don’t no Longer want to have that tag in my Account Discourage my changes if I want to leave The tag as it was or click update tag to

Change anything about the tag that I Have changed in these fields For now we’re going to choose discard Changes because this tag is more or less How we want it to be When you’ve applied tags to products you ’ll see the opportunity to do so in Other videos You can click on the name of the tag in This listing To see all tagged products that have Been tagged using this tag With this method you can keep track of Your products more easily And ensure that they are being sold in The correct funnels And with any appropriate discounts or in Any appropriate collections I hope you found this helpful and if you Have any questions or concerns please Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Excellent tech support team or to check Other videos for more information have a Great day.

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