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Clients who pay me thousands and Thousands and thousands for [Music] Okay welcome back to another video today I have a very special one for you Recurring revenue how can you create Safety Or recurring payments as a funnel Designer without Having a huge funnel agency a big team a Big office a lot of overhead and Expenses Or a lot of other people are doing Selling social media content or fight Facebook On saluta there’s a lot of people Selling social media services or Facebook ads As a service and so that way they Generate recurring revenue as Long and this is important as long as That client stays with them Because a lot of people cancel their Services with these ads Agencies within the first 60 days 30 Days 90 days Because the lack of results a lot of Times these clients expect you to Sort of run all of their marketing Because they’re buying a service from You That is recurring that is promising Leads and sales and customers and all That

But as a funnel designer you build their Funnels for them You help them if they have questions About what funnels to launch and what Lead magnets involve freebies but you Don’t have to run the ads for them So how do you then get that recurring Revenue and that monthly Paycheck sent to you if we take a look Here i have A seven figure agency which is a client Of mine and you can see this this is not The live version we have two versions of It here Um but this is inside of my clickfunnels Account And we have two versions that’s the Split testing but um The point is this they reach out because They wanted a book funnel so you can see The book here I designed the funnel for them boom and Uh we we launched it Did amazing and so they were like hey Can you also build this next funnel and If you compare this to A social media or ads agency you would Charge let’s say 1500 per month Uh let’s say the average client stays For three months that would be 4 500. i’m not going to talk numbers in This but it was A multi-four figure deal and so we built This and they’re like wow

Can you build daughter oh i think i said Jokingly i said Now let’s just build your auto funnels Because he had an event funnel As we can see here seven free agency Roadmap live Um so i just said joking like hey now Let’s let’s take this brand and this Design and put it on all your pages to Uplevel your Uh personal branding and your overall Trustworthiness In the marketplace um and so he’s like Sounds expensive because he had multiple Phones he has multiple funnels And so i was like oh it depends we can Do a package deal so we did a package Deal a couple of funnels Another you know bigger package again Multi-four-figure deal And the the beautiful thing about this Is i love working with josh Um josh if you’re watching this Everything that we built so far Has been a lot of fun and i love the Fact that you’re Doing what you’re teaching and it’s a Lot of fun to work with those people Who get results for the customer as well So anyways we built this Book funnel first then we built the Agency Roadmap live which is a free event you Can get a free ticket here

Um then we built the home page here so You can take a look At that as well and what you can see is We have the sort of Same red dark Black um and and light version here You have this one has a little bit more Of a Tin towards navy blue um just to Communicate this the same brand we have The same red But it’s a different offer and so what I’ve done Basically is created recurring revenue For Let’s say the funnels that i could build In two weeks let’s say i build four Funnels in two weeks And make let’s just say imaginary number Six thousand In total okay that would be four months Of work with A social media agency right 1500 a month Four times that six thousand here let’s Say i made Six thousand um from a couple of funnels I could have built those in two weeks Boom and that’s just one way of doing it Now the second way that you can do it is Let’s say josh came to me and he said I want you to manage all my funnels my Emails and all of the tech integrations Inside of clickfunnels and zapier And activecampaign and just be my funnel

Person Forever because i’m so satisfied with Your funnel designs If you didn’t say that if you would then I would have been like okay it’s going To be this much per month i’m going to Take care of your all your funnels i’m Going to manage everything When you want any changes new funnels Redesign small tweaks here and there It’s going to be this price per month And it’s a Three-month commitment so i know i’m Gonna be making x amount of money For three months or six months or 12 Months right like i’ve had Clients who pay me thousands and Thousands and thousands for Three months or six months or 12 months And i’m talking five figure not Four figures so over i had multiple Clients who paid me over 10 000 for funnels and so not only do i get To work with amazing people I also get to have a lot of fun and i Get paid five figures And so i get paid more than having a Recurring Agency if you will and uh this was me Being a solopreneur and uh just wanting To do Everything by myself i’ve had vas and i Have vas now But i’ve had different people involved

In the process That are super affordable and just took Away sort of My the main task that i don’t want to Spend a lot of time on which is tech Usually and so integrations automations That sort of stuff I know how to do it i just recorded loom Here’s how you can do it And i just work on the fun stuff which Is branding design Copy offer creation the funnel strategy And helping the client get the full Package And it’s a lot of fun it’s almost like I’m more of a consultant than funnel Designer so Anyways that’s how you create recurring Revenue as a funnel designer Versus a ads agency better clients in my Opinion Way more fun they’re not the local and No offense to local business owners but It’s just like the online entrepreneurs It’s like they get it they’re they’re Wired differently it’s a lot of fun so Anyways that’s it for this video if you Have any questions put them in the Comments below also make sure you smash The like button because it helps with The youtube algorithm to get this out to More people Inspires me to create more free content For you so it’s a win-win scenario and

That way we can keep growing the Community and the strongest freedom Family online Make sure you also subscribe so you get The post notifications when i post Because we post this Videos daily and so i’ll make sure the Bell thing is also there In one video i said belly and turn the Post notification belly Thing belly so what that said i’ll see In the next video

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