So… are you a drifter or are you driven?

Are you a Drifter or are you driven I Would describe a Drifter as somebody who Every single time they come to an option There's always two choices there's fear And there's Faith someone who's a Drifter or someone who like they see Opportunity but it comes to like ah then All the fear starts coming and they Succumb to that fear so instead of going Out there and pursuing what they want They're gonna go and watch Netflix they Never pursue they never go out of their Comfort zone a drifter's also someone Who may maybe they hear the call and They leave and they start on the pursuit But then they freak out they have a plan But then as Mike Tyson says everyone's Got a plan to get punched in the face They run back to the Ordinary World they Go back and they hide that's what a Drifter is to me the driven the people In spite of the fact that they don't Know what they're gonna go with they Don't know the path they're the ones who Always act in faith they never let fear Overtake them they move forward because They have faith in the plan of where They're trying to go they got faith in Themselves and because of that they are The ones that have success in the end

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