So this is the BIG story behind Success Magazine…

For those who don't know Orson sweet Martin he's probably the first person Here in America teaching personal Development he found a book from Samuel Smiles read it and anyway built the Whole business so one day sat and I Started writing out his own philosophy On success he wrote a 1400 page Manuscript and he owned a whole bunch of Hotels and was in one of his hotels and Hotel caught on fire and burned to the Ground and he lost the whole thing he After he got back you started writing Another book to kind of tried to Remember what he wrote that's a book Called pushing to the front which will Be publishing soon and then after he Started a magazine called Success Magazine and he ran it for like eight Years and uh Thomas Edison was a writer And then it went bankrupt and then for Like four or five years was bankrupt and Then he like re-raised the money and Then relaunched like re-bought it back From bankruptcy court and relaunched it Later and he didn't he wrote like 30 or 40 books and then Success magazine so He's a man [Music]

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