Split Testing Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Find out more about Split testing in this Split Testing Overview In ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hey guys this is Jose with ClickFunnels Today I’m going to show you how to do an AV test or a split test on ClickFunnels 2.0 so let me reset the zoom here to Make it a little bit bigger so okay so First thing you want to do is that you Want to locate The page title you were working with in This case I will create an AV test for This sales page on top here So make sure you click on this three Dots and then is it like split test page It will take a couple of seconds And you will see something like this Now you will see that this has created Two legs right first of all we have the Original one and then we have a test one First thing you want to do is click on This button here to adjust the split Test radio like if you want to change it I’ll just keep it 50 50. Clive change Next thing to do is actually create a Second page which is going to be the Test So position here click on this button And then select the page so we’ll have Two different options we can just start A new page from scratch Or we can just grab it from the Templates or all the existing Pages here Remember it’s super important that you

Know what page type you’re currently Using in this case it seems like we are Running a sales page so you can either Just you know going back here you can go To my phone Pages or you can go straight To the sales pages I’ll just drive from the list so let’s Say you want to use this one And then you can call this Please or cells page 82. Click on the create page button And now we have a split test that will Happen every time your customers try to Open this Particular funnel now you will see that The preview might take some time to load But uh right now it is set it’s not like You can just hit the edit button and Actually double check if everything was Added properly fantastic so that’s how It works how that’s how you create an AV Test or a split test on click funnels 2.0 thank you.

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