Step by Step Guide to Split Test with ClickFunnels

Learn Step by Step Guide to Split Test with ClickFunnels 2.0.

Hey guys how’s it going Alex here with Another training video and today I want To cover the split testing options that You have available within your funnel Section so this is the same for any Funnel within your account any step Within your funnel will have these three Dots by it and this is how we go ahead And initiate the split testing process So in this instance we’re going to use The order form 3 step within this funnel I’m going to click on those three dots And you’ll see the option to split test Page here I’m going to go ahead and Click that once that’s loaded it’s going To show me the overview of the split Test that we’ve created so by default it Will split test the traffic 50 to the Original side we can see there where it Says original and 50 to the test side Which we’re yet to create now if we want To adjust that amount what we have to go Ahead and do is Select this option here We can use the slider to adjust these Percentages on either side or I’m able To go ahead and adjust this manually by Entering the number in there that I Would like to have let’s just say in This example we’re going to split test The traffic 20 across to the original Order form we had in place and 80 across To this new testing variant that we’re

Going to add in here once I’ve made Those changes I can obviously delete Them and delete the entire split test I Can discard those changes or I can go Ahead and apply the change let’s go Ahead and click that in this instance And I will show you what you can go Ahead and do now you’re able to go ahead And add another step here this will be The split test obviously that you’re Going to test against the original page You can go ahead and click page and this Will allow you to choose any template That you want now let’s just say you Want to split test the color of your Call to action for example you can go Ahead and select my funnel Pages here on The left hand side and that’s going to Load up the steps that you’ve already Got with inside of your funnel we’re Going to choose the order form 3 which Matches that step that we’re split Testing and that’ll allow us just to Customize some elements on there that Are a different color purely for testing Purposes let’s go ahead and select Choose I’m going to give this a name We’re going to call it order form Foreign Split create that page And you’ll see now next to the original Page we now have the order form three Split test page created as well now at The moment there are a few things that

Aren’t perhaps working you can see here The warning that’s coming up is because We’ve not got any attached products so We want to go ahead and do that and you Can do this obviously within the product Section here you can see here we do have Them added already to the order form in Place but for this video we’re just Going to go ahead and overview the Options you’ve got within a split test Once you’ve overviewed this and you’ve Got this setup how you would like you Can obviously create additional Confirmation Pages if you want to within This flow before redirecting everybody Back onto that original path of the Funnel was flowing down You also have the option when adding a Step to add a split path and as well as Creating a new test here to further Split test this test you also have the Option to create a decision so let’s go Ahead and select the decision option and This allows you to filter based on Specific conditions so let’s just say You want to set a customer who has a Specific tag to follow a specific route Down the funnel you can go ahead and Click on this option once you’ve created It you can set this as well as to have Their name and email address and all These other information that’s available Here you can add a filter tag that is Equal to let’s just say complaints any

Customers that have complained you can Take them down a different route Likewise if they had separate tags you Could do that as well you can also flesh This out by adding more features to kind Of further drill down the conditions That they must meet or you can add an or Option so it means that you can build Out multiple different options as well You can remove these by clicking the Trash icon on the right hand side and Once you’re done with it you can go Ahead and click on submit let’s just Remove the blank one for now we’ll leave The house taggles the complaint and We’ll click on submit here Once that’s created and you’ve gone Ahead and created a specific page and Place it just like we did with that Split test you’re able to then delete This once you’re decided on which option Works best so you can go ahead and click On the X in the top right hand corner And declare which path that you want to Delete in this instance I’m going to Click on the left one and that will Remove the whole thing given that we’ve Not created anything there and finally The last thing we’re going to cover is What to do once you run the split test You’ve decided that the original page is Performing better than this new test That you’re running or vice versa of Course and you want to go ahead and

Cancel it and revert back to that Original one so when a split test is Finished and you want to go ahead and End that what you want to go ahead and Do is click on the split testing options That are available here you actually Have the option to discard this so you Can click on the little Trash Can icon Which is actually to the left of the Discard icon for the changes that you’re Making to the percentage of traffic That’s visiting the page click on that Icon and it’s going to give you a few Options now in our instance like I just Said the original page is performing Better which was on the left hand side The left path and you can see here the Options we’ve got so we can either Remove both paths like it says you’re About to remove the split test split Path component with all items in both or You’re going to remove the left original One Which is the first page we had in place Which is why it’s called Original or we Can only remove the right hand side the New testing page which wasn’t working as Well so in this instance we just want to Go ahead and remove that right hand side The testing version that wasn’t Performing as well and we do that by Selecting the remove button once that’s Done you’ll see we go back to the Original flow that we have in place this

Was what was working best and that Completes the overview for the split Testing features and options that we Have in clickfunnels 2.0 any questions Please do let me know and I really hope This video was useful have a great rest Of your day and I look forward to Catching you on another one of these Soon.

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