Split Tests in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to do Split Tests in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education team and on this video I’m Going to talk about split tests After completing this video you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First how can using a split test help Your business Second how do you create a split test in Your clickfunnels account And third how can you change the Settings on your split test What you’ll need for this lesson are the Following First an active clickfunnels account Second a domain verified with your Clickfunnels account and third at least Two pages created in your clickbones Account So let’s get to it So how can you tell which of your Designs for a funnel page works best With your target audience By running a split test you can run a Comparative test between different pages That you control A split test randomly alternates between One page and another in your funnel Sequence You can then compare the success of each Page in the time period Knowing which page is more successful Will allow you to design more successful

Pages in the feature This makes split tests an invaluable Tool for making a good campaign and Growing your skills Let’s now discover how we can create a Split test on our new click funnels Account First click sides and funnels on the Main menu And on the sub menu look for URL Redirects After clicking URL redirects you will be Forwarded by the system to the URL Redirect page where the system will Display all of your existing URL Redirects Now remember you may or may not see any Redirect URLs on your end if you haven’t Created any URL redirects in the past To create a new URL and redirect click The new URL redirect button on the upper Right corner of your screen Next fill out the name field to create a Name for your new split test for your Own tracking purposes Now remember visitors don’t see this Name so you can put whatever nickname You want to put in here Next Select the original path the URL you Wish to redirect within your domain Traffic going to this path will be Redirected to your target URL and the Split test URL

Next Fill out the target URL to specify where You send visitors Include the full URL here including the HTTP or https Traffic will be redirected to this URL In your second URL Next Fill out the second URL to specify the Second URL that will receive split test Viewers Traffic will be redirected to this URL And your target URL Next Choose a split test percentage for the Amount of traffic that you wish to go to The second URL If you want an even split just 50 Percent this will evenly split the Traffic The percentage you write here is the Percentage of the traffic the second URL Will receive After completing your settings for this Split test click on the black button Mark create URL redirect There is a create URL redirect button on The top right and bottom right of this Page Congratulations you’ve now created the Split test in your clickfunnels account You can use the page stat tools to check The traffic on each page during your Split test

This will let you compare the success of Each page For a balanced sample we strongly Recommend allowing the split test to run For at least one calendar a month To edit the split test settings of your Url redirect Click the gear icon across your url Redirect You can now make any edits or changes to Your settings in the split test When you’re finished Click the black button mark update your L reader This can be found on the top right and Bottom right of this page Your next steps from here should be to Create your new split test You can also edit your existing split Test As you go forward Some important key takeaways is a split Test will help you find the best funnel Page designed for your funnel It can also help teach you how to better Connect with your audience in general You can create a split test using the URL redirect tools available in Click Funnels You can edit the split test by clicking On the gear shape edit button on the Right of your existing split test Listings Thank you so much for watching this

Video if you have any other questions About this lessons please feel free to Reach out to our awesome customer Support team have a great day ahead.

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