Step by Step Guide on Reading Analytics in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn how to read the data in ClickFunnels 2.0 in this Step by Step Guide on Reading Analytics in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels and in this video I’m going To be going over the analytics portion Of 2.0 So we’re going to start from our home Page and on the left hand side menu we Can see the analytics right under Contacts and just above marketing once We click on analytics we’ll be taken to The overview page where we’re going to See A sort of broad information showing all Funnels A Time range usually Being the current week And then we have a comparison to a Period which I’m going to touch on Pretty soon And then quickly here we’re going to Have by default the total page views for All funnels Like I mentioned before over here where The all funnels is on this Dropbox we Can click on it and we can see the Information per funnel And we can also select other information To be viewed like total opt-ins Total orders We’re going to see our conversion rate And here we can select a daily or weekly View If we go to the total page views And compare to the previous period we

Can see A comparison on the graph showing the Current information in blue And then the comparison for the previous In this dotted orange line If we scroll a little bit down we can See the total product sales total Opt-ins and total customers Foreign Side we are we are also going to see Reporting and live view under overview So if we go to reporting we’re going to Have a couple of options to select from Starting with sales Showing course progress Page views opt-ins and subscriptions Sales page views and opt-ins have a very Similar Options to see All of the sales page views or opt-ins Separately but we can also see sales Page views and opt-ins per funnel On sales we can see it by product On page views we can see it by a funnel Page and then opt-ins we can see it by Opt-in landing pages We can also see things like course Progress if we click on this course it’s Going to take us to the course portion Of our 2.0 account And at the bottom we’re also going to See our subscriptions where we can see Monthly recurring Revenue by date and Monthly requiring Revenue by product

To cover the last portion of the Analytics we’re going to see the live View Where we’re going to see a string of Events In chronological order Of everything pertaining to the Analytics that are stored as analytical Data And we’re going to see a big drop down Menu over here on the top where we can Select specific events Like course lessons viewed Course sections viewed Courses viewed Opt-in Page view Topic subscribed and visits.

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