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Hey everyone how’s it going today we’re Going to be taking a look at your blog On ClickFunnels 2.0 Blogs are nested under your sites and Funnels and can be found under the blog Subnav menu item on your blog you’ll see A list of blog posts as well as a couple Of options on the top right of the Screen you can customize your blog Adjust your blog settings preview your Blog and create a new blog post let’s Take a look at some of these items Customizing your blog allows you to edit The outer frame of your blog posts such As the navigation section body section And footer section you’ll also be able To apply a collection of blog posts Which will give you a place for your Blog post content to rendered Dynamically now we can preview your blog To get a look and feel for how your Blog’s outer shell and blog post Contents will all lay together As we mentioned before all of your blog Posts are dynamically rendering into the Page via the collection element you can See as I click through all these Different blog posts the outer shell Still Remains the Same while the inner Contents of the blog post are Dynamically rendered into each one of These pages

Lastly let’s take a look at creating a New blog post on the new blog post Create form you can give your post a Title content summary add a feature Image give your post SEO and sharing Settings for search engines and social Profiles toggle your blog posts Visibility settings assign an author Assign post category give your posted Tag as well as assign style and template Overrides from your theme’s default Settings we hope this was a helpful Overview of blogs on the clickfunnels 2.0 platform If you have any comments or questions Please reach out to thanks so much And have a great day.

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