Step by Step Guide to Attaching a Product to a Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Education welcome to click guides your Guide using the funnel hackers cookbook With click funnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide To using several common funnel type Plates to accomplish goals of gaining New contacts and selling products Working with the recipes in your click Funnels account the funnel hackers Cookbook gets you from learning the Tools to achieving your goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hikers cookbook at In this video we're going to discuss Setting up a product and attaching it to An order step As an order form will not work without a Product it's important to make a product Before launching a funnel that includes An order form step this video will show You how to attach such a product if You've not already done so create an Order form page or a funnel with an Order form step so you can follow along This will help you to get the most out Of this video Having a product on your order form step Is required whether your product is Digital or physical setting up a product Allows you to track sales manage Revenue Versus cost and automate responses

This process is required in order to use The electronic storefront tools Available through click funnels In your clickfunnels account go to the Products tab And then select the all products tab if Your page does not default to this for Whatever reason Click the black create product button And then address the new pop-up window You'll be prompted to select whether Product is going to be digital Physical or a bundle of the two In this example we will choose digital Give your product a descriptive name and Optionally add a short description Then click create product In the next window you'll be prompted to Decide whether this is a one-time or Subscription model Subscription models do require a few Additional steps and this these will be Discussed in another video Choose the amounts your product costs And then you can optionally choose to Add a compare ad amount which should be Higher than the amount of your product The comparative amount will be listed to Show what a deal the customer is getting On your page you can also choose a Specialty price name This will be the price name that's shown To customers at the checkout finally you Can list how much your product costs per

Unit this helps you to keep track of Your Revenue In terms of your Revenue versus the cost Of shipping your product and this lets You to know your net revenue Finally when you're satisfied with your Settings click create price On the new page you can adjust your Existing settings Set up an image for the product Select whether it is taxable Choose a SKU Set up follow-up actions including a Digital asset access or course access Or whether the product should have Variants If you satisfied with these changes Click update product Now that you've got a product set up Select the site and funnels tab And go to funnels Now choose a funnel that has an order Form step As you can see on the workflow this Funnel needs a product to be attached But doesn't currently have one We can click on the three dots to the Right of the title of the funnel And then select add products now we can Add products from our list of existing Products And you can see that this product is now Listed I can continue to add products

So that both of these options are now Available Products will be listed in the order Created but it is still useful to have Different names for each product so they Can be more easily identified on this List That's all for now check out other click Guides videos for more information

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