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Hey welcome back to vid Society in this Video I want to take you through my System account so this is something that I signed up for probably a little over a Month ago and I’ve moved one of my Courses over to it already and set all That up I want to show you that here in A minute and I launched it just a few Days ago and so what I’m going to do is Take you inside and show you so far what I’ve got done what I’ve learned and Whether or not this is something that is For you or not because a lot of people Are trying to get into these funnel Builders you know there’s all kinds of Them out there and then this one comes Along called system much cheaper than a Lot of the other Alternatives out there And so I just want to kind of show you What it is now below this video you can Go to their website and check it out or You can just go to it’ll take you to their Website where you can sign up for a free Account and test out a lot of these Features even start your own first Funnel without paying a dime and so I’ll Go over the pricing here in a minute and Why there are options for uh paying and If you do pay you just get a lot more Out of it and we’re gonna be going over That also so what I’m going to do is go Ahead and jump in my account and let me Go over to my dashboard okay so here’s

My dashboard and so far I’ve got a 177 Leads from where I put my course online Out of that since I launched it a few Days ago I’ve sold 15 656 dollars worth And over here it’s pretty neat they have Live updates it kind of tells you new Sales you get whether you get new Contacts if you have squeeze Pages Opt-in forms all that is kept track of Here in the live feed but if we jump Over on down here to the affiliate Dashboard it’s going to show you Products that you’re promoting from the Marketplace of system and for this one I Am promoting systems own uh product Itself and you can see here in the last 30 days over thirteen hundred dollars From it They have a lot of different products in The marketplace of other people who has Their products their courses even Physical products in there that you can Promote and all of that is kept track Here in your affiliate dashboard and if We jump over here and click on Marketplace it will take you to where You can see all of the products that’s Been added in here and if you click on One of them it’s going to show you their Commission rate how much commission’s Been earned from Affiliates and then Here you can promote their offer and Learn more about what it is all right Jumping over to contacts I absolutely

Love this part of it they have something Here called contacts and then tags and Between both of these it is super easy To organize your contacts and they have A lot of different types of automation Features so in other words you can add a Contact and you can tag them to one of Your specific courses and if you have it Set up correctly in the automations it Will actually register them for that Course automatically for you there’s Just so much you can do with this using The automations I’m not going to go very Deep into that because if I go through Every little detail of this with you It’s going to be a very long video but What I recommend you do is check it out Yourself and sign up for the free option Where you can get in here and try it out Yourself and see all these features but If we jump into contacts It’s going to show you here all your Contacts you can filter them making it Super easy to find someone that you’re Looking for the date registered their Email and then if they are tagged to Anything so if you have tags for maybe Products they buy or lists that they opt In for it’s going to show that here you Can import contacts now if you do have a Brand new system account and you import Contacts they are pretty strict with That as they should be because they want To make sure that you’re not just

Importing a bunch of random email Addresses you picked up online and You’re not going to be spamming them That’s not what this is about this is For building a legit and professional Business and that’s how they handle Everything too so supporting everything Is some of the best you’re going to get Now if we jump down to tags you’re going To see here where I have six tags Created one of them for Affiliates this Is just something that I was testing This is something else that I’m just Kind of messing with when I first set All this up and then this here was my First opt-in that I created on system Where I had people to opt in if they Were interested in buying my course Before it launched and you can see here I had a total of 181 opt-ins for that And then this here is another product That I’m moving over to system I have Several products that I gotta move over And set up courses for and so I’m Getting ready to do that and then this Here is for my YT marketer course I Recently just launched you can see I had Three sales yesterday two today a total Of 433 so this is actually combined between This using system and then what I was Using before which was Warrior plus and I just wanted to get off that platform Because there’s just too many products

Out there on that platform that just Really brings it down the quality of the Products in my opinion are just not good At all and I wanted to move to something That really gave my brand and my Business more of a professional Appearance All right jumping over to funnels this Is where you can create your funnels I Absolutely love this so what I’ll do is I’ll go ahead and jump in here to one That I’m creating now for my YT Evolution product and first of all I Have a sales page that I’m working on You can give it a name your own URL path Now by default this is going to be Something like forward slash Whatever you want it to be but you can Use your own domain names and then you Can change this to whatever you want to So for me mine is now if We go and preview this page this is what I I’m using to create this entire funnel With so far and so far I absolutely love It it’s so easy to use you can see what I got going on here if we jump back over We can go into edit And you can see what the editor looks Like they do have all kinds of templates You can use to start off with I like to Start off and just create my own and so All this here I just created by using The elements they have over here on the Left hand side you drag them you drop

Them you can edit them and pretty much Do just about anything you want with any Other type of a builder and so that’s One reason why I love this I don’t have To have multiple hosting accounts I Don’t have to have all these different Plugins that I currently have with WordPress worrying about them going out Of date worrying about them getting Hacked paying monthly or yearly Subscriptions for them I don’t have to Worry about that no more because Everything is combined within this one Product here called a system that’s Taking care of it for me now if we jump Back over to funnels you can see here You can create different steps so you Can create steps we’ll just call this Test and then you can choose whether you Want it to be an opt-in a sales page and Upsell a thank you page a down sell web Webinar registrations page depending on The plans you have we’ll be talking About that in a minute also an info page Or contact us page and then you can look At the templates I’ll go ahead and show You a few of them so let’s say we’re Going to build a sales page we’ll go Ahead and click save just so you can see What this looks like and then these are Some of the templates that you can use These are very nice very well designed So if you was to go say this one here You could preview it and you could see

What it looks like and this is a Template that you could start off with For your website and just edit it to However you want to here’s another one This one looks really nice And so having these pre-made make just Makes it a lot easier and faster to get Started and then you can continue to Create steps maybe you want to have uh An opt-in page first and then that goes To a sales page and then your sales page Goes to an order page let me go ahead And delete this and I’ll show you that We could do create a step and we’ll just Say we’ll call it order And we’ll go down to an order page click Save And here you can see all the different Types of ordering pages that you can Have for example this one if we preview It this is one that I use on some of Mine and you can come in here and you Can edit this one as well like these Forms you can edit the forms you can Accept Paypal you can also accept Stripes so you can have two different Options here the pricing of what you Have all this stuff can be edited which Makes it very nice and then you can put It in whatever Layout you want here in the order that You want it to be so if they go to the Sales page if they want to order it’s Going to redirect them to the order page

And then maybe you have a thank you page So after they order they get sent to the Thank you page and then maybe after that You have a welcome page or something you Can have them get sent to that it’s just There’s so much you can do with this and Getting it all set up Up here you can see there’s automation Rules there’s a b testing that you can Do we got to be on the sales page for That so you can create different sales Page to test different stats your sales Goal here deadline settings this is Really neat so you can enable this so When the deadline page expires in like So many days or a certain time that It’ll redirect to somewhere else in the Funnel And then you have a place here where you Can see all of your leads now if we jump Over to emails so you can get all this Set up so where you can use their email System and by doing that as I mentioned Before they are pretty strict starting Off with they want to monitor your Emails and make sure you’re not spamming Before they just kind of let you go and So you can do that here they have where You can create newsletters which I’ve Done here you can see some emails that Were sent my opens the clicks when they Were sent you can set up different Campaigns so after they purchase it’ll Automatically send them emails so you’re

Not working with maybe a WordPress Website then you’ve got to integrate With some other autoresponder you’re Paying for because everything is just Integrated here within one system and That is what makes it so convenient And then you have your statistics here Now they also have a place where you can Create your own blog so this is neat I Know a lot of people like to put updated News and stuff and you can do that and Create your own blogs you can create Your own automations your own rules and Workflows which seems to be something That’s just endless the possibilities so Just to give you an example we could go To rules Click on add new And then for a trigger we could do when A tag is added or removed or someone Subscribes someone registers to a Webinar or someone rolls in a course you Can see everything down through here and You pick so let’s just say when someone When you get a new cell we’ll click that Then you want it to do this you want it To subscribe to a campaign so if you Have an email campaign set up you want To get started as soon as they buy the Product it’ll start that email campaign It’ll send off that first email to them And then do the follow-ups however you Have it set up in your email campaign You can also send specific emails if you

Want to instead of a campaign you can Have them enroll in a course there’s web Hooks it just goes on and on let me go Ahead and close out of this and then There’s also the products and sales page So this is where you’re going to have Access to if you’re selling physical Products you can do that you can set up Coupons you can see your orders Transactions any subscriptions you have Affiliate invoices we’ve already talked A little bit about the affiliate part of This and you can set up your own for This and so you can have your own Affiliates promoting your product and You can go in here make the invoices and Pay them through PayPal and I think they Also have an option for paying through Wise and I think that will also do it Automatically I haven’t got that set up Yet but I do want to work on that this Is where you’re going to create your Courses there’s also course bundles you Can put together you can view all of Your students communities and Information about your affiliate program So if we jump into courses You’re going to see here where I have my YT marketer which I just launched the YT Evolution which I’m setting up now if we Jump if we jump into the YT Evolution You’re going to see here where I added This top box here which is a module and Then everything under the module are

Lessons within that module so if we were To preview this You can see how the entire course is set Up now you have full control over Editing everything in this area so this Logo up here is something that I added I Added this little horizontal bar this Text the video the title underneath of It all this is going to be edited and You can do it any way you want to and Then over here you can see where the YT Evolution tutorials this is my module And then everything under it are my Lectures within that module and so they Can just go through it and they can Click on each one of these and they can Learn about how it all works and go Through your course you can have Multiple modules so if you have more you Can see how they collapse here making it Really neat and then if they go through It they can just click next and just Keep going through it they can mark them As complete just a really neat system How it’s all laid out now if we jump Back over here you can also see where You can add students manually to your Course so maybe you you’re using Something else already for your courses And then you decide to create this and You’re like well how do I do that and so So you can manually add them here now What I did for my other course that I Launched is I actually imported my

Contacts there was about two or three Hundred of them already in that so I Imported all of them and then I just Tagged them as being customers with that Product and then I set up an automation That when I do that to automatically Enroll them in the course and they were All and they were set up for the course That fast so this video has already been Long enough I’m not going to go through Every one of these they do have a help Section which I’ve used a lot they have A contact form here so if you can’t find Your answers in a knowledge base or Online training you can click on contact Form and fill this out they always Respond within 24 hours usually it’s Within 12 hours and I’ve used this form Quite a bit actually and I’m just super Impressed with their support it’s been Better than any other type of a funnel Building tool I’ve ever used But yeah this is what I’m using now this Is what I’m going to be bringing all of My courses all of my products over to That I’m going to be selling on from now On all my future courses they’re going To be going through systems platform uh Just because it’s going to make it so Much more convenient than having to Manage with the multiple hosting Accounts the multiple websites plugins And all the extra expenses that comes With it this is by far cheaper and so if

You come to on this page And if you come up here and click on Pricing it’s going to show you here Where you can start for free you don’t Have to pay anything and you still get Up to 2 000 contacts unlimited email Sent you can build up to three sales Funnels you can have a Blog I mean all This stuff you can have one course all This is included for free I don’t know Of any other funnel Builder that allows You to do all this with a free account But if you want to grow and have more And do more you can see there’s other Plans and They are very very well priced as well Now this is the one that I signed up for Which was the unlimited plan which Basically gives you unlimited of Everything uh they’ll also do free Migrations for you so if you get in Contact with their support they will Transfer over your online business to System i o so you just got to get in Touch with them they have 101 Kickstart Coaching sessions you also get Unlimited Custom domains unlimited Evergreen Webinars you can set up Uh which is huge in itself I don’t know If you’ve ever subscribed to webinar Platform before but they can be very Very expensive over a hundred dollars a Month but what I did is I saved an extra 30 when I signed up by going annually

And when you go annually it’s 828 a year Which I believe turned out to be around 67 a month if I remember correctly which Is less than what I pay with a couple of My web hosting accounts that I have and I get everything else included with it So for me this was a no-brainer but I Also have a large business with a lot of Products if that’s not for you try it Out for free and see what you think Maybe the startup or webinar is better For you you can go that route but if You’re looking for something to use That’s kind of an all-in-one system that Can manage everything for you in one Place I highly recommend you check out System because uh it’s just a really Great platform and before I leave this Video I will tell you this is not a paid Promotion nobody he paid me to make this Nobody asked me to make this video is Just because I’ve been through enough of These funnel Builders and websites and Building websites I’ve built hundreds of Websites to understand the ease and the Convenience of something like this when I find it so if you guys are interested That links below and you can come here And check it out yourself and if you Have questions you can leave them below And I will try to get to them as soon as I can

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