The 4 AI Businesses That’ll Make You Rich

All right if you're anything like me and You're an entrepreneur you're probably Looking at the AI uptrend right now and You're asking yourself am I in the right Business or should I start an AI Business or can I maybe leverage the AI Out there and scale the business that I Have right now so we're gonna go through Four different business models I call This the AI quadrant of business models And based on your personality you want To pick something that works for you Because you want to leverage what you Already have so maybe that's skills Maybe that's something you're passionate About maybe it's your experience or your Expertise and even if it's not 100 yet You want to start there because you can Always decide to go all in and spend the Next six 12 18 months mastering this Specific thing and then before you're You know telling yourself I'm not good Enough or I don't have a huge audience To sell to or I don't have a lot of AI Experience yet just like watch this Video because we're gonna go into all of That how you can launch this get the Market fit and everything without a lot Of money down so the first one is Freelancing and I have have a few Examples here I'm going to share nine Different tools that you can use as well So copywriting for example you could use Something like chat GPT you could sell

Copernic as a service to business owners You could use Jasper write Sonic and a Lot of different these different tools That are actually built on gpt3 and soon With gpt4 coming out the second one is Art where you can generate art for this Could even be for web design projects You know background images illustrations Or whatever it is but you can generate Design and art for business owners and I Always tend to go to business owners Because they have the most money so you Know that way you sell your services you Get paid the most one is Dolly one is Mid journey and I'm sure there's a ton More of these but you can look these up Turtle is graphic design so I saw this Tool the other day called ad And it can help you generate a lot of Graphic designs by just importing the Right inputs and data you feed it inputs And it gives you the right outputs and So it's important that you learn how to Use these tools to speed up your Freelancing and so another example of This would be if you do branding Services for other people you can use it To Brand brandstorm it gives you to Brainstorm and then use AI to get 90 of The work done and then speed up the time And then you add your personal touch to It obviously you don't want to just use AI send it to a client you want to fact Check you want to make sure that it's

Good and it's like quality assurance and Add your personal touch to it but you Can use a tool like for Branding for design for presentations You can use a tool it's a slide Generator called and You you can either like import a script And have it create these slide so you Can you know have it give you a few Different options based on the font and You can like just use AI to get Presentations and slides for vsls and All these things for business owners you Can sell that as a service and the next One is funnels so you can you know Within a funnel you obviously have offer Creation strategy design you have copy Like all these different things so for Each of these you can use different AI Tools and because you're selling an All-in-one service that is helping Business owners make more money you can Actually charge more for it compared to Let's say you using an AI local Generator and selling a logo to a Business owner because now they can just Go and get the logo but with the funnel Or website or these type of things you Offer such a high value solution to them You can charge more and it's because you Have like a high value skill and then The final one within the freelancing is Shorts there's a lot of tools for these As well one of them is we'll

Put a link to all of these in the Description you can use these to save a Lot of time and just be able to work With more clients make more money Because of AI so that's freelancing but Now let's say you want to instead of Doing everything yourself you want to Have more time have more freedom be the CEO and the business owner and you know Not be spending 12 hours per day just Stressing out about deadlines right so We can do instead is you can offer Productized services so product size Service of a freelancing and we'll get To more you know exciting stuff bigger Than just ourselves here in a second but This is where you would have a Productized agency right where you could Do the same sort of outcome right so if You sell done for you blogs you would Productize and say there's one offer one Team and one solution it costs this much And it's like daily blogs for 1 000 per Month it's weekly emails for 2 000 per Month or it's uh weekly videos maybe and It's 3 000 per month or unlimited this Right unlimited graphic designs for your Ads or unlimited funnels or unlimited Website we'll take care of everything is Productized you have a team they know Acceptable to do one specific specialist Per area and then you just focus on Serving this industry you scale that to 10 you know 15 20 30k per month and you

Have freedom without you being involved And doing everything for them you can Also productize and do Consulting Coaching and courses that's also one way To do it now with AI there's a lot of Education needed and so that could also Be an opportunity for you so those two Are pretty common and people are talking About those but I think the third one is Where you're kind of thinking outside The box a little bit more so it's called Done for you AI Solutions and this is Where you would go into a business you Would look at their problems and their Processes and you would say how do we Use AI to speed up some of the things That you're doing you would go into this Business you would create this solution You would set everything up for them and Then you can leave so an example of this Would be where you're going in and you Look at their customer support or their Onboarding or something where you can go In you can use AI to set up maybe a chat Bot and you can help the customer Support department use a chat bot that Can answer 90 of the support tickets by Just guiding them to the right answer Another client might be doing you know Cold Outreach with emails you can go in There and you say hey here's the tool we Can use this to send out custom email Outreach to these people and you set That up for them you get paid and then

You leave and then finally for a YouTuber like me you could come in and Say hey I want to help you create like 100 video ideas and then maybe scripts Or plan those videos out and you can set Up a tool for me to get headlines to get Titles and like all these different Things and just set everything up for me And I would pay you 5 000 whatever it is And then you leave and you can get like 100 of these clients at five you know 5K Each is 500 000. and now number four AI Software assay service so this is where You would productize it and you wouldn't Have a team doing everything you Wouldn't go into business you would have A software doing everything and you're Not trading time for money so the first Example that I have I have four Different businesses that I have planned On making different softwares that I Hope that some of you go and create and Make a ton of money with so the first One is a YouTube thumbnail generator so Imagine having this tool using AI you Know capturing the data from a YouTube Channel and then recommending thumbnails And split testing two different ones and Then based on what's working it would Actually use that more it would also get That data back and and send you and give You recommendations what to do next the Second software example I have is a AI Blog writing tool that will

Automatically post to any platform but Instead of making one that can post to All these platforms you can make one Software for one specific platform Because then you have one specific Community that will buy that tool that Software from you and now you're Positioning your software to be the Go-to in the industry which means that People are going to start recommending It to other people as well so the third One is short form video editing but it Will automatically cut down the videos And post it to platforms and you just Have to prove them now same thing here As the blog posting software you can Have one tool to do this for tick tock Or for Instagram or YouTube shorts or You know if it's easy to do I'm not a Coders I don't know if it's easy to do You can just have it post to all these Platforms but again if you want to be Like hey we help people on tick tock Like take their YouTube podcast and just Automatically post shorts on Tic Tac Accounts if you want to go even deeper You can say we'll even have this tool Create unlimited accounts for you so I Don't know if that's within the terms of Service but let's say you have 100 Accounts with like all these shorts Without Clips going viral and now you're Creating this uh this Mega account Business Vault thing that is running

Like a machine and generating traffic For you and then finally the fourth Business idea that I've had that I hope That some of you create is a landing Page generator so instead of creating a Landing page software you create a Landing page generator that can be Imported into the software so let's say Someone has images of themselves let's Say I took a few images here in the Office and I uploaded those it would Give me the color palette it would give Me The Branding the fonts Recommendations and everything even the Copy for it I just fill out a few you Know questions on a form or a chat bot Also AI it gives basically the copy it Gives me a few examples of the signs and It's like generating landing pages all AI like that if I don't like them I can Just hit regenerate and get even more Landing pages and then if you want to Create this tool to also be able to Import it into let's say Wix WordPress Squarespace click funnels goha level Whatever it is you can just create Either a software that can do all of it Which is a huge undertaking or you can Say this tool helps click funnels users This tool helps Elementor users and Using AI you generate landing pages they Can just hit one time and import it to Their account how cool is that and that Is where massive value is being created

That's how you solve a huge problem in An industry and now let's talk about how To get it out to the marketplace so I'm Gonna go through these pretty quickly The first thing you want to ask yourself Is what's the revenue goal that I have In mind and then based on that you Reverse engineer and say how many users Do I need at what pricing to hit that Goal and remember remember profits for You to put in the pocket number two pick An industry you know something about and You go all in and you master that Industry you build your personal brand Around that and become the goal too Number three what problems are you Seeing people have in that industry we Already talked about this but go talk to More people go meet with business owners And write down everything that you hear That they're saying this is painful I Wish AI could do this that and then Think of what you have experienced as Well and write everything down number Four what are the solutions right now in The traditional format what are people You know using right now for example Google everyone is using Google for this Bing says hey we can actually make the Search engine be Ai and give you Suggestions and just like like basically A chat GPT because Bing invested which Is owned by Microsoft invested into chat GPT and how they can use it for Bing and

Now more people are switching over to Bing and we'll see what happens with Google I'm sure they're gonna adapt and Pivot but that's how you can take some Something that's traditional turn it Into AI in the future number five create Solutions with AI to fix those old Problems so how can we speed up things We're already doing and how can create New Solutions now that we have ai so ask Yourself those questions with everything In mind that we already talked about Number six launch organically with a MVP A minimum viable product or mvo minimum Viable offer if you're selling a service Freelancing productized that sort of Thing so how you can get this launch is You can launch a beta version of a Software you can work with a few clients For free and you can try to get as close To business owners as possible without Asking yourself how can I make money Quickly right so by getting information And feedback you can perfect your Product you can get testimonials you can Build your brand in an industry and then You can also go out and leverage other People's audiences and go on their Podcast go on their show and get the Word out there because you're not Focusing on charging High ticket for it Yeah you're just looking to perfect the Product and then once that's good you Know the audience the marketplace is

Going to start promoting it for you and The number seven final part is partner With creators who have an audience who Are passionate about what you're doing So if it's AI for example partner with YouTubers who have an audience for that Business owners and then just keep in Mind YouTubers want to get paid so if You pay them per video or affiliate Commission you can do that depending on What they agree on but also if it's a Good product people would love to create Free tutorials about it like look at Chat GPT I think they have over 100 Million users now in what 40 days I Don't know it's it's crazy how fast They've grown because of the product and So that will happen when you focus on Creating something that's really good Becoming number one in that industry and You don't even have to be the first to Do so you look at Bing who people like Who's using Bing right and then they Adapt and get into AI before Google now People are starting to talk about that More and moving over so that is Hopefully a somewhat of a structure for You that you can follow hopefully that Gave you some some ideas of the the Quadrant with the four business models And the nine different tools we'll put a Link to everything in the description Let me know which one you think is best For you based on your personality I

Would love to hear from you I'll see you In the next one

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