The Technological Singularity

The Singularity is a hypothetical Future Point in which technological progress And artificial intelligence will advance To the point where Humanity will undergo A transformation Beyond which it cannot Be seen it will be such a profound Transformation that predicting beyond That is kind of trivial or meaningless Many people postulate that that's the Point where it will become either Self-aware and it will start to make its Own decisions and ignore us it's the Classic well what if it wants to kill us Well it won't really want to kill us Because it has no reason to do for the Same reason that we don't want to kill Ants but if we build a highway we Destroy some ant hills so it's just Gonna do what it's gonna do this is why Elon and Sam Altman and those guys are Trying to align our goals of humanity With the goals of the AI it's the only Really productive thought process we can Have because we can sit here and be Afraid but I don't think we're going to Stop the technological progress

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