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Mosination we've been here doing the Boring work just cracked 400 episodes on The game podcast we have been putting a Ton of effort into the podcast and it's Been showing from the amount you guys Been sharing it and commenting on it and Posting on it and it's really been Unbelievable um I don't deserve you guys And so thank you again but we also now Are on all the platforms so this is new Spotify we're on iTunes and we're on the Other 16 platforms that less than two Percent of you guys listen on but if It's one of the weird ones we're on There too and you can find it by just Searching my last name for Mosey or the Game or both of those words put together If you work out or you're on the road or You're doing the dishes you're cleaning The house whatever it is it makes that Time net time so you can make it Cleaning University mobile University Workout University so that we are Getting better in more than one way at The same time and that's like the best Thing you can possibly do in life and so If you haven't checked out the podcast Check it out lots of emoji Nation I'll See you on the pod

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