The mission you’ve been called for might be heavier than you can handle right now…and that’s okay!

It's not going to be easy or fun it's Going to be hard but that's part of it Because right now the things that you Have the dreams the goals you have I Promise you you don't have the capacity To actually handle it yet so as you step Out into this journey and you move Forward with faith you leave the Ordinary World you're going on this Journey it's going to be hard because You've got to be tested you got to Increase your capacity so prepare for it It's going to be okay that's why I have A community like this of people my Facebook account got shut down nobody's Buying my product I spent every penny I Had and two people showed up in this Room it was so embarrassing it's gonna Happen over and over and over again Because they have to increase your Capacity because the missions you've all Been called for are heavier than you can Handle right now

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