There is no overnight success

I got a DM the other day about somebody Who's like it's easy for you to build This brand because you know you already Have this big audience he was Discouraged by the fact that he had no Following he had no audience Etc Everyone who sees the overnight success Right everyone's like oh man the mosey Style content's all over the place go to My podcast and look at the time stamp of My first episode it's 2017. six years Ago it just now hit the top ten six Years later so people are making Podcasts and thinking in 90 days they're Somehow going to blow up when the Reality is that you're finding your Voice for the first year and you're also Learning about the stuff that you're Learning meantime right like in that Period of time I might not have had as Much stuff that was as cool that applied To as many people because the first 150 Episodes is just me talking about how to Run a gym better

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