Should you hire your wife

As a side note for the dudes who are Like considering getting a girl into Their into their business like you have To have objectively been willing to pick That girl of all people to do that role I think happens more often is guys are Like man I want to involve my wife in The business who doesn't really like Business and then they pull them in they Don't give them the respect because Maybe that's not warranted because they Don't have the Acumen for it or whatever And then they give them kind of a peon Roll which that doesn't necessarily Breed even more respect so that they can Be like quote involved the role has to Be the role that you would pick for that Person like if you didn't have the Relationship like if we weren't together I would still want Layla basically Running all the companies she's great at It it's why we do well we just get the Benefit of the fact that like we're also Married

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