They say you shouldn’t pick favorites… But this book is my favorite in the secrets trilogy :)

Of all my Secrets is my Favorite initially the only book I was Going to write so I put everything in Here I jammed it all in here the first Version was bigger than it ended up Being but right before I published I Heard a podcast with Tim Ferriss and Ryan holiday talking about books they Said the best thing to do with the book Is to pull out things and they said both And they write four or 500 page books And they pull out 200 to 5300 pages and Then you have a good book left over I Was like at the spot we're about to go To printing I'm like I went back and Read through it I was like there's two Or three chapters that are good but They're not great and so I pulled them Out it was crazy a lot of people know This is that one of those chapters ended Up becoming expert Secrets one of those Chapters ended becoming traffic secrets So both those would have been good Secrets but became great as Their own works I found that most people Who like to build secrets Are their favorite for those who like Telling stories and copywriting and like Selling they usually love expert Secrets The best and for those who just love to Get in traffic traffic Secrets their Favorites I'm curious for you which one Of these three is your favorite let me Know down in the comments down below and

The fourth one's coming and it's gonna Even be better

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