ULTIMATE Clickfunnels Tutorial 2021 For Beginners: ZERO TO EXPERT

Click funnels click funnels click Funnels all we hear is click funnels and Sales funnels and marketing funnels and I’m sure you’re here Thinking is click funnels for me what is Click funnels Is there a tutorial or a review for Click funnels and i’m gonna do Everything in this video with this new Challenge which is i’m going to Try to build a sales funnel for my Business In just 10 minutes but here’s the catch I’m gonna be giving you This funnel for free after we build it Together Using click clickfunnels and then i’m Going to be talking about the updates And and features within the clickfunnels Editor Going into 2021 so whether you’re new to Clickfunnels or if you’re an Active user make sure you stick to the End of this video and you’ll get my free Template And you’re going to be able to partner With me for free and get my free course As well at partner with guston.com And that’s the domain that we’re going To be using with the funnel and so You’ll see me set up the domain to the Funnel after we built it The email autoresponder using Activecampaign literally step by step a

To c How to build a funnel from idea to Launch in 10 minutes You think we can do it let me know below And if you haven’t already make sure That you subscribe Like this video so that we reach all the Clickfunnels users and Non-clickfunnels users and now let’s get Into the video All right so first thing you do is you Put your email And your password You can watch this videos if you want to You’ll see the pages here Um the opt-in the sales page the order Form the oto Down cell whatever page you want to use They’re in here And what i’m going to do inside of click Funnels later is then just Choose the pages that i really want to Use and so let me put this Password here start your free 14-day Trial Choose between 97 a month You’ll see what’s included to the left Then you have 297 a month But we don’t need the 297 a month 97 is enough gonna put my address here We’ll just blur that out [Music] And now it’s gonna create the account For you inside of clickfunnels

And you’ll be taken to an onboarding Page okay so this is a page with Resources you get a free funnel hacker T-shirt If you watch this video as a welcome Gift from clickfunnels i’m just gonna Click no thanks i can create my own Funnel because i already have an account I’m going to choose My industry next just marketing sales Put your revenue numbers here you have a Specific product to sell yes How much experience you can put your Experience There and then click next What’s your primary goal we’re going to Choose generate leads It shows squeeze page and thank you page And then Next i want to start with the blank Template yes Next okay get oriented Finish and boom this Is the use the dashboard inside of Clickfunnels so Now i’m just going to update my company Name Freedom funnels here hit save and go Back to The home page so Click here go back and then what you’ll See here is sort of the Dashboard with you know sales numbers Here

You see all of the next steps and Affiliate earnings if you’re you know Recommending click funnels to other People We have funnels contacts we have sales The marketplace if you want to buy or You know look at all of the other Funnel templates and build funnel we Have follow-up funnels inside of click Funnels or backpack we’re not gonna Focus on these two Yet we’re gonna go to funnels and we’re Gonna add the funnel that You got from me and so this is the Funnel that We’re now building out as you’ve Finished watching this You’ll go to funnels and you’ll see This exact funnels being loaded into Your account But we’re now obviously going to to Build it so I’m gonna close this window we’re gonna Preview all the pages so you can see What they look like Okay so we’re gonna start here this is The main sales page if you have a Website you can use this To you know position your brand to Present What offers you have and then get people To take action Then this is the one-time offer if you Want to

After people download something you can Be like hey Wait do you also want this thing you can Click here to get it and that’s going to Take them to An order form so there’s a sales page if You want to do that Then we have the order form where people Can put their information And they can then purchase your one-time Offer if you want to have an Upsell which is the beautiful thing About clickfunnels is You can have hey if you you know want This next thing as well you can click Here And you can add this to your order if They don’t you can ask You want a payment plan right so you can Have down cells If you want to and then this is the Thank you page so Success your order is now complete check Your email blah blah Then we have application page we’re not Going to use this one so we’re going to Go back And i’m actually going to delete the Pages that we’re not using like Application page for an example let’s Get your strategy session we’re not Gonna use that You know that as i’m giving you a free Course and a template so we don’t need

An application right like i use those Pages for my one-on-one coaching But uh for this one partner with Guston.com We’re just gonna do opt-in and thank you Page so i’m gonna delete this one I’m gonna delete all the pages that we Don’t Need [Music] All right so now we have two pages Opt-in and thank you page we’re gonna go In here i’m gonna change the name to Free course and funnel template I can change the path Group tag so that i can categorize the Different funnels this one i’m just Gonna add to Freedom funnels save and update Boom and now we’re gonna go into The editor first of all you’ll see the Domain here So we’re gonna go to the account Settings later and take a look at That but first we’re going to edit the Page okay so now we have that count and We’re going to go to this funnel section And we’re going to open the funnel and I’ll show you everything how it looks Inside of the different steps of the Funnel And we’re going to pick the the pages That we want to use and we’re going to Set up all the settings

And then we’re going to go into the Editor to actually customize this funnel From a template To your brand or in this case my brand Okay so we have the page here And we’re not gonna use all of these Images that we have so you’ll see me Change the design i actually have my Colors over on canva So what i’ll do is i’ll grab the colors From canva And use my own color my brand colors so If you don’t have a Color palette yet you want to make sure That you pick a couple of colors that Match Your industry and your brand and then go Over to click funnels And change the headlines and the buttons And everything with those colors for Example you see here I have a couple of them so i’ll just Grab this code And copy that And go back to click funnels [Music] Add it in here boom Then we have the headlines so i’m going To use another color for the headline To give some contrast so i’m Highlighting some keywords i’m gonna Grab this one And i’m highlighting um Some of these keywords with that color

So that looks pretty good and then i’m Gonna adjust the size Of the font a little bit Optimize it for mobile [Music] So what we can do here you can see i put This to mobile only and then duplicate It to desktop That way i can um move this one up a Little bit here in the editor Top margin we’ll put that to minus 30 Or 50. you can always test and see which One looks the best And then i’m gonna find the images that I want to use So just drag it over here i’m also gonna Look for images of me So logo images of me and then Background images that’s gonna be enough For now So we’re gonna go with this one Drag that into the editor you can just Drop it there There’s a tool called recompressor so if You want to optimize your Your image sizes you can use that one And that way your page is going to load Faster So i always compress the size of my Images using recompressor.com but For this one i’m not going to do that Because i’m just You know showing you how i’m building The funnels inside of click funnels but

When you want to launch the funnel and Have fast loading speed then you want to Use that for sure Okay so not the logo we’re gonna change The Sizing here back to normal Delete this and then Move this up again 70 looks pretty good And then we’re going to clone it change To mobile And then move this one down while we Have the other one Set to Whoops i think i deleted the the other Image but we’ll add the The logo back in as well so you can Change it here you can make it Align to the left there we go And then we’ll put 100 pixels I will just make sure that it’s all to The left No empty space perfect And then i’m just gonna find a logo here For you There we go drag that in there A little bit bigger maybe 150 [Music] So now we need to add that back into Desktop move that up because i deleted It by accident but 500 pixels so you’ll see sometimes if You have bigger pictu Pictures you can make them smaller by

Adjusting the The pixels there so Now we’re gonna grab this Color again and we’re gonna find images Of Business and we’re just gonna choose one And we’re gonna use this as the Background image but You know obviously it would be hard to Read text on this image so we’re gonna Center it You know lower transparency to maybe Five I usually try with five seven Then hit download just choose that page If you have multiple and then Let me see real quick I always try to add something to it Usually takes me a couple of times Before i find something that Looks perfect Something like that and then i’m gonna Drag this Down and uh we’ll try with that see what It what it looks like So now choosing page nine compress file Lower quality yes that’s okay because We’re going to use it as a background Image So you know again faster load speed i’m Gonna save this image Funnels background one i usually Number them so it’s like funnel you know Background

One or client background two client Background three So i know you know what they are and Then i’m just gonna Again drag in this image here Boom Okay so uh let’s see what it looks like On a smaller screen Yes obviously this is on a 27 inch So it’s not going to look the same Exactly on Every screen so download My proven leads on Demand funnel template Is that good download my proven leads on Demand funnel template For free boom so that’s the big promise Download my proven leads on demand Funnel templar for free What’s the sub headline get Instant access to My free pre-made Plug and play funnel template That you can install that you can Install in 10 minutes or less and start Getting leads on demand when i add the New elements you’ll see all these n Elements here i’m going to add this Input and then Move this up font size 18 you can see different styles here in Themes We’re just gonna choose basic input Advanced settings corners square edges

On this one And then we’re going to add the email Icon to it And then just position it to the left And then we’re going to grab this button And then obviously we’re going to Customize it but [Music] What you can do with pretty much Anything is just Clone it i’m gonna add an effect to it But yeah you can clone it and Boom there we go again corners So we’ll make vertical space 15 40 for Horizontal is okay Square corners boom looks pretty good And now it almost feels more alive Because we have The elevation there so we’re gonna make The Button to submit download Free funnel template Boom I’m going to drag this down here and What i want to do is Just remind people what they’re gonna Get and yes it’s free But i still wanna get people excited Like here’s what you’re getting When you give us your email download the Template You also get free access To my Funnel course partner with guston

Okay so what i’ll do now is i’ll just Speed through the rest of the design You can see sort of what i’m doing the Goal is let me just make this a little Bit smaller The goal is to explain On this page so i could just keep the Banner here And move this up a little bit also i Could just keep this banner and it would Be enough for people to see What they’re downloading okay so you Have to do this as well make sure you Uh change the input type to email So that in click funnels when it stores The their information it says email So i’ll just have you guys see How i’m designing it and then once it’s Done we’re gonna go through quickly the Page As well so let’s do that right now [Music] [Music] [Music] All right so now we’re gonna go to uh Seo because now the design is done And we’re gonna title it partner with Custom you’ll see that it changes At the top of the tab the browser Free funnel course plus funnel template So you want to have a description here You know of the What the page is when people are sharing It or when you are sharing it on social

Media This is the text that people are gonna See [Music] Okay change your name here and then just Put a An image here so one of the images And you’re done boom I’m gonna check mobile Let’s see 120 that’s that’s okay so i Usually play around with the Fonts here a little bit just to make it Mobile optimized remember It can definitely be a lot smaller on Mobile People are used to that if you look at a Lot of the like Apple store or whatever like the fonts Are Usually pretty small so This one is still a little bit big Change that to 16. 18 this one was 16. get started in three easy steps Let’s see 30. Yeah i like it a little bit bigger Because it’s the main headline Let’s see 26 oh you see i have the icon Still All three the same let me just change This and i’ll go and change The three icons so i’m supposed to have One for download one For installing your template

So the icon speaks to what the headline Is Just one second and then what i can do Is I can go to iconfu.com to get More premium icons or free pick there’s A lot of Resources i can go to but for now i’ll Just use This one uh here in click funnels i’ll Just use these right now to show you Because you can change the color of These as well so I want to have the orange same as the Button here um Watch the free course so We have more templates inside of the Course So this is a good time to give you a Reminder To subscribe like this video and hit and Make sure you have the Notifications on so that you get our Monthly new Funnel drops for free here on youtube so Looks pretty good make sure you save the Page as well You see the image at the bottom was the Same at the top As at the top and so i can change that Later you know like that’s you shouldn’t Have that but Um i just used it so that you can you Know see how to use the editor how to

Upload it The beautiful thing is that it looks Pretty similar now that i’ve designed it This way The background the text is the same Everything looks pretty good even on a Wide screen so Um background we don’t have to change Anything there Uh general settings make sure you have This to hide Affiliate badge because otherwise we’ll See like a small Built-in click funnels and we don’t want That on our pages I’m going to save this banner banner Custom save section Because now when i’m going into the Thank you page you’ll see What i can do when i do that so when i Save A row or a section i can literally just Go in here Add a new section my sections you’ll see Banner ghosten I drag it in and i just drop it this is What they call drag and drop [Music] Change the color here one second Boom and then I still need to change the text but i Don’t need this section here So now i just want to make sure that i Cover

The entire space here above the scroll So i’m just gonna add more padding to it We can do the same for the For the footer here so Boom dirty and then Maybe adjust the background a little bit It’s similar Perfect this one is set to Nope 12 on mobile okay now we change the [Music] Text Okay so now we’re gonna save this And you see you can see that At the background color to that section Now What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Change the buttons to To be a link external link so website Url Open a new tab okay because what i’m Doing is i’m saying hey you’re in Check your email now you can join our Free community over on facebook and you Can download the free template so I’ll just go to click funnels and show You Where i get that uh share funnel so If you want to give out a funnel if you Want to give this One to someone else or if you want to Redesign a follow and give it out or Sell funnel templates you just go to Settings Grab this link share funnel url and then

You can either send that link to someone Or you can just add it Here and so when people click it boom is Gonna take them to that Page basically the same one that you’re On when you’re Importing a template you know At partnerwithguston.com okay so now Let’s find The link for the facebook community At the time of me recording this Beginning of 2021 we’re at 1600 people so a lot of Funnel builders free trainings free Planners Uh free you know funnel agency books Ebooks that sort of stuff so we’re just Gonna Again new tab add the url Save and uh Let’s see the pop-up we don’t need a Pop-up here So all good I’m gonna change the seo I’m just gonna copy this text add it in There boom My name and we’re good to go Okay we’re gonna go back i see this The click funnels badge we forgot to do It on On this page general hide Save and back All right so now we’ve designed the Funnel the different pages and now what

We’re going to do is we’re going to Attach the Right domain to the funnel and then We’re going to set up the path To the domain so that you’ll see okay What’s the tech side of things if you’re Not really good with tech You’ll see me do that and now after that It’s literally live so that when you Visit partner with Gaustin.com or in this case as you’re Watching this video it’s already live That way you’ll see how we set Everything up and you can do it with the Domain that you want to use For your funnels now we’re going to go To account settings And we’re gonna go to domains and we’re Gonna add The domain register a new domain if you Don’t have one you can do that I recommend buying uh your domain in Namecheap.com so partner with custom.com I’m going to add it because i already Have it and then it asks Or you can check if it’s registered on Cloudflare it’s free It’s for security Cyber security so i’ve done this step Points at Target.clickfunnels.com so this is the c C name settings in namecheap looks like This Um so i have the domain i bought the

Domain and i’m gonna delete these Records so these are cname records that Makes the domain point Pointed towards click funnels delete Uh record and i’m gonna add new ones So type url redirect Record let me just grab my link Here partner with gustan.com or Https [Music] So this one is the redirect in case Someone just Goes to partner with custom.com so You’ll see Https [Music] Make sure it looks like that permanent And then Check save changes yes and then One more thing we have to do is another Redirect so we’re gonna go to domain Redirect domain you see that not Redirect email Domain and so we’re gonna add a redirect Partner with Gustan.com if people don’t type in www Awesome gonna hit save changes And now that’s all that’s all you have To do inside of namecheap and so it’s It’s pretty easy once you know to how to Do those steps It’s like everything in in business once You know it’s easy So uh good job we’re gonna associate

With this funnel So now when i click this domain i’m Gonna you don’t have to do all of these You can see it’s already set to opt-in But if you have other funnels And you know because you can have a lot Of funnels on the same domain with Different Paths you can just set them to whichever One you want to be the default Make sure you click the ssl as well Because that’s also you know cyber Security So settings you’ll see it here it says Setup not completed that’s because it Usually takes a couple Of minutes let’s go back to this domain I’ll show this The settings here as well if you want to Change this path so After the domain what do you want it to Say so we’ll just put free And now you see that’s the domain um but Then when people click it it’s going to Show them this so we’re going to change It to Free template scores Let’s see if we update this We visit the page you can see that it’s Now live it’s working Entire funnel is live and took us a Couple of minutes Right but you can see the domain is Already working

We didn’t even have to pause this video And Wait for a couple of minutes it’s Already live so now Let’s test it boom it takes us to to the Next Page right that’s a funnel where no Matter how many And the facebook link is working the Templates work Everything is working in a couple of Minutes so All right so now we just need to add the Email autoresponder which is Activecampaign So that you know after we integrate it With the funnel Meaning we’re going to connect the two Softwares so that when people Add their email to our funnel is Clickfunnel is going to capture that Send it over to activecampaign And so i will then send you an email Meaning when you opt in at partner with Ghostin.com to get the free course and Free template You’ll see that it’s working and you Actually get the email that i’m creating And as i’m sending out this template to You As well as giving you access to this Course because it’s all set up with Automation That’s the beauty with click funnels in

2021. integrations we’re going to add a New Close this we’re going to add new Integration because we want Active campaign in there so we’re just Going to call it Freedom funnels active campaign And now we need the api key and the url You go down and click inactive campaign Just create an account go down to Settings Developer you find those two let’s blur Those out Add them in api key whoops that was The url supposed to go down there And then this is uh the api key So that it just it recognizes it’s like An idea so it says this is the idea Um and now the two softwares uh Recognize each other so let’s move this Over there And now you can see it’s connected to Click funnels which means when we now Collect uh people’s emails you’ll see Here Let’s go ahead and and check Um yeah one more thing we have to do One second button is set to to submit So the integration so now we’re going to Choose it there we go Freedom funnels ac add to list or add to List with tags so i’m going to add it to A list For example entrepreneurs um i can

Create a separate list that says Partner with gustan but i’m going to add This tag so i know okay people who Opted into the list entrepreneurs with The tag partner with gustan They came from this page so now we’re Saving this And boom now we’re gonna be able to see The contacts in click funnels are being Added to Active campaign so all right so the last Step is to test the funnel let’s see If it’s working let’s see if we actually Get the contact From the page opting in my email if we Can see it in active campaign that way We know that it’s working now if i opt In Either here or here Right now my contact If it’s working it should be added to Activecampaign And so when i set up the emails there The the sequences I can literally automate weeks of Valuable content going out to my emails I don’t know if i’m making it sound too Simple but It’s it’s really not that difficult once You understand this This stuff so and boom you can see here Gaussian sun official yeah so i was Added to This okay so now we’re going back to

Click funnels And you’ll see for example contacts Is where you can look at all your leads So There we go our first lead we can see More information about them The more products they buy the more data We have And as you know that’s super important You can download the purchases Let’s say 30 days from now don’t worry About follow funnels or backpack That’s if you want to use the internal Click funnels emails or Affiliate program honestly you don’t Need that You can use free softwares or cheap Softwares for emails So sub users if you want to add sub Users Page templates if you save your Templates Um there digital assets All the integrations for example stripe So that people can pay you Well that’s here sorry um email Integrations Domains so here’s where you can add all Of your domains And um yeah that’s that’s pretty much it It’s not too complicated awesome so as You saw that took me A little bit longer than 10 minutes but Still not weeks or months as

You know it would take for a lot of Developers when they would code Everything from scratch Thanks to clickfunnels we now have the Ability and you have the ability to take What i built in literally minutes And you just one click install it as you Saw on the thank you page And you can create your account as you Saw in this video and you can have your Account and your funnels Live in minutes compared to days Weeks or months and hiring all these Expensive people On your team it’s literally the best Time for you to start or Scale your online business using click Funnels in 2021 That said make sure you go and log in to Your free course at Partnerwithghostin.com Get the free template because there’s More coming every single month so if you Haven’t already Make sure you subscribe as well so you Don’t miss any of the new Updates new templates tutorials that we Are launching on this channel And like this video so that we can get It to more people because the more Reach and the more likes and subscribers We get to this channel the more free Stuff I’m gonna be creating to you and it’s

It’s gonna be a lot of fun so that said I’ll see in the next video i’m off to Building funnels so peace You

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