What EXACTLY is Clickfunnels 2.0 [7 NEW FEATURES]

What is click funnels 2.0 yesterday was A crazy day we had the announcement from Russell and todd at fun liking live day One about the launch of clickfunnels 2.0 And then today is day two it’s starting In a couple of hours at the time of me Recording this so probably you know by The time you’re watching this it’s Probably already been but what we have Is clickfunnels birthday so they’re Gonna do a presentation and more Revealing yesterday was a little bit More of a cliffhanger and today they’re Revealing more of clickfunnels 2.0 but i Wanted to talk about what i saw in the Video because they showed me the entire Platform so i want to show you Seven different things within Clickfunnels 2.0 and why it’s so Different to anything that they’ve done In the past and i saw someone ask me I’ve received so many messages yesterday And today from people who saw me on Stage in the presentation and just on Youtube the video and they reach out Like hey what about this what about this And so i’m gonna cover all of that and If you’re new here make sure you Subscribe because as soon as we get Something new some new updates demos Tutorials trainings it’s gonna be On this channel for free and then also In my facebook group so let’s dive in.

The first thing someone messaged me they Said hey what about clickfunnels 2.0 Five years ago there was an update Like 2016. you can google it click Funnels 2.0 number one you’ll see my Video and then you’ll see the post from 2016 about clickfunnels 2.0 that was the Editor the clickfunnels editor 2.0 this Is a brand new platform so they rebuilt It from scratch and here’s why they did That might be important to mention that As well they rebuilt the platform Because of the code language so now it’s Built with a code that’s called react And this allows clickfunnels to scale to Over a million users without the bugs And all of that that comes with scaling Something so that’s why they couldn’t Just add new things to it and they just Add this feature here but they rebuilt Everything which i love because it’s Also faster better performance as seo Blogs and all of that which we’re going To talk about now so the first thing is What you can do with the clickfunnels 2.0 is you can build sites now or funnel Hubs it’s kind of like an umbrella of Things and then you have all of your Offers under and multiple streams of Income and it used to be that from for Example when i built personal brand Funnels and i still do i build hero Funnels and it’s a page like a home page For personal brands or business owners

And we have like here’s credibility Here’s the community and here’s all the Offers and if you want to listen to Podcast the read the blog or The youtube channel the links at the Bottom of the page right so you had Everything there now you have this Inside of clickfunnels the new platform And it’s like uh some people call it Websites you know but we call it funnel Hubs because it takes you to it’s kind Of like a modder the modern funnel of All funnels and it takes you into like All the offers so very like Strategically in terms of monetization So that’s the first thing and the second Thing is i kind of mentioned already is Blogs so the new platform is built with A different you know code and and so It’s also seo optimized which means you Can write blog posts super easy i love The user interface like the dashboard The visual Interface how beautiful and simple it is More like a modern not so much like Internet marketing style so it’s going To be ranking better on google and yes You can have your blog posts on click Funnels now to get more traffic Organically as well so that’s pretty Exciting and then the third thing which Is performance a lot of people said oh You know i love clickfunnels it’s super Easy and fun to build because it’s so

Visual drag and drop but what about page Load speed it’s not as fast as if i just Code everything or put it on wordpress And that has been true for you know for Some people and what you see with 2.0 is They’ve actually tested this internally Before they released it so Yes it’s now faster than a lot of these Other like competitors if you will so That’s super amazing because that’s what We should all focus on all the time is Like have the best product the fastest And the easiest and most fun non-buggy Product for our users pretty important For ad accounts and everything that you Have the best experience For your users and visitors next up Number four which is team collaboration So it used to be that if someone wanted To design the page in the editor you Let’s say you have one account but you Have three team members one person would Design then another person goes in a Copywriter goes and write the text and You’re kind of saving on top of the Other person’s save now you can all be In there kind of like a google doc and i Can see okay this person is here this Person is here and this person is here And i can see what everybody’s doing and Even if i’m saving it’s just gonna save What i’m doing while you work on your Stuff and update it and save your and And so it’s team collaboration all

Together building out The funnel which saves you a lot of time As well so that’s pretty cool and then Number five we have a visual automation Builder i don’t know if i can tell you All of these but i hope it’s okay this Is crazy because you can see the page And also the automation the emails the Sms like everything that goes out with Tags so it used to be A lot of these email softwares like you Can see the emails that you send out Kind of like this flow but now you can See the page you can click and edit it And then see the flow on the side edit The page save it and open the next one So everything is built to be faster for Us click clickfunnels users and Marketers and business owners so it’s Faster to get our pages live automate The follow-up sequence and increase the Conversions altogether which is super Exciting and then number six the course Platform so i haven’t seen too much of The course platform so i can’t tell you Too much but make sure you subscribe With the post notifications on and You’ll see as i drop new videos but what The course platform is is a modern Version of what they have and so it’s Just better and it’s leaner and it’s Easier to organize your content i did See some screenshots from the inside and It looks super clean so i can’t wait to

Move over my program full-time funnel Designer and all the funnel templates And everything that i have into click Funnels 2.0 and then the final thing Number seven which is going to save you So much time Is global Elements in terms of menus footers as You know if you build 10 funnels you Have like let’s say that it’s a Four-step funnel you build the footer And the header either four times or you Build it once save as a template you Open the next page you add them and you Paste them so it’s like copy paste Basically that’s gone because now you Can just choose it once and it’s gonna Update for all your pages this is Another reason why they re built and Recoded and the entire clickfunnels Platform to make sure that things are as Smooth and easy and fast as possible if It sounds like i’m a pitch man a Salesman for clickfunnels i’m not a part Of the team i’m an independent funnel Builder it’s what i am but i’m so Excited i’ve had meetings with them They’re a client of mine and hopefully We can do even more work together so if You’re watching this click funnels Consider reaching out that’s pretty much It and i also had this question on the Last video that kind of blew up about Clickfunnels 2.0 and this question was

What about your program full-time funnel Designer if i’m going to update it to 2.0 and the answer is obviously yes i’ve Already started so yesterday i got the Announcement i filmed the first video And so we’re updating it by the time You’re watching this we’re already Updating the program to be the first and The best that’s my goal timing is Everything you don’t have time to waste And so full-time funnel design is going To be the first and the best program to Build beautiful funnels that convert for Yourself or for clients in your funnel Agency with that said make sure you Subscribe check out the link in the Description to everything free group the Program and everything i’ll see in the Next one when we have more news You

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