When your client asks for too many revisions #freelancetips

So your client keeps asking for more and More revisions even though the project Should have ended weeks ago now this can Be really infuriating and it can be Difficult to just tell your clients no So here are three things that you can do To make sure that this doesn't happen Ever again number one you need to set a Revision limit and you need to establish This at the start of the project in your Contract number two you need to Establish an additional rate if they go Beyond your limit of revisions so you Can charge either per round of revisions Or you can charge hourly but never do it For free and number three you need to Notify them once they've hit their limit Of revisions and let them know that Moving forward from here on out we're Going to have to charge you that Additional fee now if you establish These boundaries they're going to know Exactly what to expect and then you can Run a successful business without having To work for free

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