$100M Clickfunnels CEO messaged me… are we working together?

All right so i just got an email and a Message from russell brunson and i think You’re gonna love this there’s a Training happening i believe tonight and It’s about how to become a funnel Builder and why am i so excited because I’ve been telling you i’ve been telling You every single week last year we Posted 100 videos this year so far tons Of videos talking about the opportunity Of becoming a funnel builder right i am The owner of full-time funnel designer We have 400 people people who are doing This and they love it like the pay is Great you get to work from anywhere First let’s talk about the email that i Got from russell it says funnel building The perfect career exactly what i’ve Been saying hey first off did you see This yet i’m doing a free live training This thursday 4 p.m eastern called how To become a work from home funnel Builder you can register for the free Live training here We click that we end up at Funnelbuilder.com And he says help i need funnel builders Asap can you build funnels or can i Teach you how Which best describes you funnel builder I want to become a funnel builder i own An agency or i need a funnel builder so For us funnel designers and funnel Builders like this is really good that

More people are seeing this and they can Hire us if they don’t want to do it Themselves which is a great opportunity For you to become a funnel builder then He says here’s the gist i think it was The same thing here here just we get Over a thousand 800 new clock funnels Users every day most of them actually Don’t want to learn how to build a Funnel they just want a funnel build for Them exactly what i’ve been saying Clickfunnels and russell they’re the Marketers getting people into funnels Switching from a website that’s a Brochure is that it’s not getting them Any leads or sales To building Beautiful high converting sales funnels Which is hard to do if you don’t have The right systems to do it so they hire People like us Right i’ve been doing this for years I’ve made 400 funnels ish Made multiple six figures doing this Most of them actually don’t want to Learn how to build funnels they want People like us that means 51 000 people Per month are coming to me asking for Someone anyone to build a funnel for Them and i need your help so are you a Funnel builder would you like to learn How to become one doing live free Training And

Yeah it is tonight now why am i so Excited about this well russell Sent me a message first he sent me a Message and he was like can i feature You on the slides And quickly tell your story And i was like sure we’d love to And then he’s like follow-up question Would you be willing to jump on live With us and This was yesterday so already 10 000 People registered and i was like It’s a lot of people for me to be there Live you know i’m nervous already before I even said yes i was nervous And then he’s like probably be 20 000 By today so 20 000 people And i’ll be there live the good thing is At least i’ll have a lot of energy Because it’s at midnight my time it’s Actually more like 1am but i’ll jump on As well i think it’s gonna be like a one Hour one and a half hour training from Russell and then he wanted to feature Some people who are doing this as well So i don’t know if there’s gonna be Questions how i do this how i get Clients but uh whatever questions i get I’ll just answer them so should i Prepare maybe i should prepare i’ll just Show up and talk to To my boy russell so anyways pretty Excited about this because i’ve been Talking to people for years now about

Starting to build funnels like if you Want to have an online business i think The best thing you can do is to build Funnels hey i think he even mentioned Russell in an email or on the page or Something Why right now is the best time in History you can enjoy this perfect Career and why it works for anyone Regardless of background education or Experience How you can have the perfect way around The lifestyle you want give me the Chance to earn a comfortable living Wherever how to set up the perfect Career at your kitchen table we came to See results in a matter of days i’m Proof living proof of this like i’ve Been traveling this year to portugal Cyprus Sweden and i’ve been building funnels From hotel rooms from airbnbs from Cultures for big clients and so you can Literally just grab your laptop and do This anywhere so yeah i’m not sure what The offer is On the the webinar if it’s a Course or whatever it is i had some some People message me in my or comment on my Facebook group on a post that i made About this Saying that i should just pitch them to License it my program if you haven’t Already filmed it hey russell if you’re

Watching this There’s a course out there called Full-time funnel designer with hundreds Of people And they build beautiful funnels it’s Great so Wink wink anyways hey if you want to be On the training i don’t get paid to Promote it or anything like that it’s Not an affiliate thing I just i’m going to be there live so if You want to show up i’d love to see you You can ask questions in the chat there And uh if not i’ll see you Tomorrow or in two days where i have Another video drop in called 10 ways To split test on your sales pages to Increase conversions so that’s coming Soon as well just filmed it before this That’s it i’ll see in the next one Subscribe all the good stuff links to Resource in the description bye [Music]

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