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All right so i got sick for a week and i Still made over five thousand in my Business in this but i’m gonna break it Down what the income streams were so That you can prepare for times where Maybe you’re sick or maybe you’re Traveling or i wasn’t planning to do Both but i wanted to travel and then i Got sick during travel we had to Rearrange some stuff and fly back home And so in this video i’m just gonna Break down kind of the different ways That you can get clients and how you can Set yourself up to bulletproof bad times I think it’s helpful especially in times Of you know we hear the word recession More and more and as the stock market Drips to record lows economic experts Say we could be heading towards a Recession the recession is pretty likely I think we probably Are in a recession and that that Recession will get get worse on this Channel i usually talk a lot about like Inbound marketing where you post content It’s one to many you put out a piece of Content or you do something where you Then get so many people senior stuff and Then reach out to you And then we have outreach where you you Know message people it’s one to one i Was sick for about a week if i had only Done outbound and i had to stop for a Week i didn’t get any clients like i

Wouldn’t have made any money for that Entire week which is not you know the Entire world it’s not like oh i can’t Even be sick or i can even rest a little Bit without My business going on an entrepreneurship I wasn’t sleeping that’s not what i’m Talking about you can do this even if You’re completely healthy you just want To make sure that you always get leads Coming in so i’ll just cut straight to It and then we’ll do the back story how I got sick because it’s also pretty Funny but first the value nugget first Thing is outbound and inbound i’ve Already talked about that then we have The rebound now but the the client who’s Bought something from you once and then They Rebound they buy again and then we have Referrals so i’m not sure if i should Put referrals as an inbound because They’re coming to you or someone is Referring them to you it’s kind of Inbound but at the same time i look at Inbound where you can do something to Get people coming to you they see your Stuff they reach out to you which works Really well so for referrals And people who buy again there’s two Different things you can do number one When you get a client for referrals you Can over provide on value so that when You built the funnel for them or you

Know In my case a funnel but uh if you sell Something else let’s say you sell video Services or websites or social media ads Emails whatever it is after you’re done If they’re happy instead of asking for Testimonial you can say hey by the way i Would love to pay you 20 Of our fee If you know someone else who need our Services so if you say let’s say you Build funnels for authors if they’re in A community of authors then they Probably know someone else who needs a Book funnel as well i do this with Course graders because that’s my niche All they have to do is create a group Chat so in messenger they just create a Group chat they introduce you to them And them to you and you take it from There so not a lot of work for them but You get another client so that’s one Thing now what happened for me during This time so i’ll just divide the 5 000 That i made you know i was sick for a Week made 5k one of them was Client funnels and then the other part Was courses And affiliate stuff and stuff like that Probably maybe more than five gonna Count the affiliates but either way so The final client is someone who i Mentioned in a couple of videos on this Channel and they wanted another funnel

So even though i was sick they said look If you want to this is a challenge you Can build a funnel but we need it done By thursday so this was last week and They probably messaged me or emailed me Monday or tuesday and i said by thursday And i was sick so i was like well can i Do it like yeah but can i focus no it Was super hard to focus it still is a Little bit because i’ve been the kovit Version that i have is just slow So it’s kind of like a like a man flu And my my brain is like foggy and Everything which you can probably tell From this video hey i’m back and we’re Still doing it so they reached out they Said do you want to do it if you can do It you know and we agreed on the price They already knew it because they’re a Big client and i told them like here’s The fee And so i said i can do it and i did it In like two days so No problem right but then i think that That stress also made me even more sick Of knowing like there’s another deadline But hey i made a couple of thousand Dollars so it’s all good the other part Was the course full-time funnel designer And then a couple of people also bought The lower ticket 37 funnels bundle as Well for 37 bucks So yeah those were the the income Streams like i said there were probably

Some other coaching and affiliate stuff Sort of like pocket change on the side But big picture 5k ish in a week and The reason i say this is because i want You to think about any bad times like i Said earlier we might be going into a Recession we might be going into Stagnation stagflations like like all These words they hear being thrown Around from economists i got hairy legs It’s not looking too bright and i don’t Say that to warn you I say that to prepare you mentally so That you don’t get caught i want you to Prepare by working harder so i saw Someone post on facebook like when we Talk about recessions best way that we Can prepare is pretend that there’s no Recession as entrepreneurs not if you Have a job if you have a job i would Recommend that you become as valuable as Possible so they can’t fire you they Have to fire everyone else but you Right because that’s how you keep your Job is if you are super valuable to them But in a recession a lot of people get Laid off like A lot of people stop spending so the Business go under they go out of Business they have to lay off people and The cycle it’s almost like a like a dead Spiral of luna No it’s not that bad but anyways so what You can do is make sure you maximize

Inbound outbound rebound and referrals You can do all those for and then you Just focus on cutting out distractions And what i mean by that is not like hey You gotta have like all these routines And rituals to be super focused no it’s Just making sure that you’re doing the Work the boring work the hard work the Actual funnel building and you know Making your portfolio better because Then you don’t have to like in a in an Environment where it’s hard and even if You’re sick you’re like well i’m not Really feeling good today i don’t want To do a sales call but if you can at Least show up it’s just an example maybe It’s a bad example but however you feel However the times are if you can show a Strong presence in your portfolio great Examples you can show that while the World was distracted by chaos you put in The work you stayed focused you Developed your skills and if you can do That you can showcase the examples that You have and the work that you’ve done And people see it they go My gosh that’s exactly what we need and People have told me on a zoom call or Dms like that’s exactly what i need you To build for my brand that’s that’s what It needs to look like and so ask Yourself what kind of services do you Have right now is it video is it ads is It funnels is it copywriting is it

Blogging what are you selling right now And how can you improve your portfolio Do you take a free client then get a Testimonial from them there’s a video That actually that i made it’s called The ppp agency zero to 100k by starting With pay per result and so you just Charge a hard cost of let’s say 500 Bucks no profit margins it’s just 500 And then Only if they like it only if the funnel Is converting and increasing conversion Rates and they absolutely love it is When they pay the rest of the fee and That would be your profit so let’s say Your services are 2k and then you just Charge 500 and then if they like it so Some clients you might not get any more Than 500 and some you will And so it’s an easy way to close someone Because lower risk and you build your Portfolio while getting paid so yes you Can do the first one free if you’re just Getting started but focus on building Your portfolio becoming better and then Staying focused on doing the work for The next i would say six to 18 months if You can stay focused and do the work During these hard times ahead and you Can put out content message people Provide solutions help them all for free Then you’ll always have clients right Now i have my inbox literally today i Had someone else

Say like hey i saw you were in cyprus Recently that’s from content i said you Were in cyprus recently i’m in cyprus i Need a funnel can you build a funnel for Me and so i can now decide to have time To think on more clients doesn’t look Like it right now but i am hiring more People to help me so maybe But that being said hopefully this helps A little bit and now the quick backstory How i got six but before that if you Wanna learn more about how we build Funnels get clients make sure the Funnels convert get happy clients and Make sure we get testimonials we build Our portfolio we get leads clients Content all that good stuff then check Out full-time funnel designer the course I mentioned that i’ve made a couple of Thousand in this uh this week that was Sick more and more people are joining And it’s a growing community we’re over 400 people now building funnels a lot of Us for other people so like final agency Stuff so there’s a discount in the Description if you want to check it out Okay so it was me my three brothers so i Got one older brother two younger Brothers and then my dad we were Planning our first ever boys trip only To austria and um austria is a pretty Strict country so we had to do some Rapid testing at the airport you know we Were flying to stockholm from stockholm

To austria and so it was early it was uh By the way the video you saw on this Channel before i left That was filmed 15 minutes before going To the airport 15 minutes i wanted to Get a video done so anyways that’s funny We got to the airport it was early they Didn’t have the testing open in finland So we flew to sweden Where they didn’t check anything so we Could get the test there rapid test Up the nose we check and we go through Security the gate and everything and we Get to the other side and we get the Results and my brother is positive So We’re like okay let’s not panic anything I mean some of us was kind of freaking Out but one of the tools that i’ve Learned Is to remove all the emotions out of it And just think okay what are the Solutions You know that we have that what are the Options so option one would be to quit Or you know just everyone go home option Number two would be to send our brother Home because he got covered or we all do Something else And so we decided to To stay in sweden so we were in Stockholm for a couple of days and What do you know sometimes when you are In sweden in a small hotel room four

People five people with someone who is Covered then you also get the code it Wasn’t bad it was almost asymptomatic From him and then you know when we got Home four days later everyone else got Covered except for my dad so we got Covered all of us but for me It’s been just like a regular man flu And when i get a man flu it’s typically Due to High workload because i love working i Take on many projects and i have Coaching courses youtube funnel agency Stuff like i mean the software Everything When i get sick it’s like my body Telling me he got a rest and so it’s Been like that for a week where i cough And sore throat And Yeah that’s pretty much it my brain also Is just slow so it’s never been like Super bad it’s just been like just been Like drawn out and it sucks because i Want to work and i want to build funnels And i can’t really focus so maybe it’s Good it’s helped me to Relax more but uh Yeah we decided to to instead of sending Our brother home and go on our trip we Change our plans so we could be out in Nature in the swedish archipelago We rented bikes scooters Played paddle

Golf so it was fun but um Now i’m entering season two so season One of this year was You know being a nomad it was traveling All these places and working and still Doing the thing but working from Different locations And now i’m going into serious mode Where There’s not a lot of activities nothing Planned which is how i like it because Then i can if i want to travel for a Week and let’s say august we just book Something last minute but i don’t want To have anything planned Where i have a deadline and say okay Before we travel there i need to do These these things I want it to be For the next months It’s just making the course better the Youtube videos better the coaching Program better the funnel service is Better the team hiring firing sop Systems better and that’s it that’s it So no distractions No Travel plans or anything like that for The foreseeable future Because now it’s season two and we go All in so appreciate you for being here If you want to join the free community Link is in the description if you want To join the course and take your funnel

Game your client game final agency to The next level there’s a discount in the Description and uh if you want to learn More about how we build some of these Funnels something specifically you can Also just ask in the comments because i Love helping you on here in the Community as well so with that said hope You learned something i’ll see in the Next one

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