3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

What’s up guys welcome back to another Vlog you know this saying that goes Something like this Life is not a sprint is a marathon or Business is not a sprint it’s a marathon And let me explain why i don’t Necessarily believe that because I believe there’s a that life And A business is multi-dimensional 3d so it’s more like an iron man and not A marathon it’s not this one thing that You keep doing and then you get success There’s a couple of things like three Things like a triathlon iron man That you gotta master in business and in Life to be successful And you’ll see at the end of this video Kind of how It’s not just this you know business Hustle thing it’s also the decisions and Principles and pillars that you base Your Life upon that is important and it might Not make sense yeah but watch this Entire vlog Before we do that though let me just Grab some coffee real quick [Music] [Music] That was way too much coffee in the Espresso And so it turned out a little bit of a Mess but uh

We’re gonna add some cream to it and Create my own vanilla latte that’s my Specialty my vanilla latte Most people like to use skin milk i like The vanilla taste without adding sugar So this is my little specialty and it’s Awesome So I know some of you are asking what kind Of camera i’m using so It is a sony a 7 C with a 50 millimeter 1.4 so let me Show you And what i like about it is that it has This little Flip out screen for vlogging which my Other one didn’t have the sony a6400 Which was a thousand so this was 2000 A small upgrade but it has that little Flip out screen Which makes the whole thing so much Better like this is on an iphone The intro to this vlog was with this one And then what you’ll see here soon which I did yesterday the run It’s also on my iphone so you can use Anything that you have in business it’s About being resourceful It’s not about all the resources that You have or don’t have Most people make that excuse like oh i Don’t have these things i can Build a business i don’t have the Macbook imac or whatever

And you compare yourself to other people Which you know it’s all about using what You have To the best of your ability and now We can see that this light here turned Off so that means that we’re good to go To skim the cream and the vanilla and Then it’s done Now i know most people are gonna say That’s not how you make a coffee it’s Supposed to be a leaf or it’s supposed To be A heart or whatever now i’m not a coffee Master yet So i i don’t know how to do that this is What it looks like right now And that will do for me because It tastes vanilla and there’s no sugar In it So healthy and good for that sweet tooth Now let’s go back to the office actually Let’s go Drink this coffee and then go pick up The cable for my microphone because That’s going to make this whole Vlog even better Man i’m telling you if you’re like me And you have a sweet tooth You want to work and eat ice cream or Chocolate Might as well get something like this a Vanilla Premium coffee latte Thing it’s awesome

[Music] All right so that’s it that was quick Now let’s go pick up the microphone i Got my electronic Scooter here so we can use that one and That should be Pretty quick so yeah Probably gonna crash Bro i’m an idiot i was supposed to bring A camera to Hunt on my filmmaker and editor And i forgot it because i was just Trying to control this thing and focus On the vlog Sorry i’ll bring it back soon here it is So that’s three stores that have checked That and we can’t find a cable In town so i’m gonna go to one more spot And if i don’t find it i have to order It this is the problem with Buying local even though i want to Sometimes they just don’t have it [Music] And that’s the third time i almost cried [Music] And now on fun now it’s time to bring You the camera So sorry for the delay i’ll bring it Right now And guess what we found one Found the cable now let’s go try out The microphone so that you can compare This audio To this audio so hopefully this is

Better anyways enough talk about cables Let’s instead talk about important stuff Such as Business and life in general and success And and being fulfilled and Finding meaning in your life and so the Rule number one That i like to think about when i look At business in life And comparing it to a iron man is this Principle number one and that is making Success a must not an option and for me When i look at things that i want to do In life It’s not that i have to do them this Week i don’t have to get this goal This month and i don’t have to be a Millionaire in a year I want to do something in life for the Long run i want to look at my life and Be fulfilled I want to you know have good people in My life it’s not about the things it’s About memories and people And just feeling like i’m progressing And doing and creating a building And finding meaning in that creative Process And so as i’m looking at business as i’m Looking at life It’s not about maybe getting to this Goal or maybe You know achieving this dream or maybe Building a business

It’s a must it has to happen and once i Set that Goal it has to happen no matter what There’s no Chance that it’s not going to happen and Yes will i fail yes will i make mistakes Yes Will i have to pivot and optimize and Change things and hire new people And fire people and yes i will have to Do all of those things But that’s okay because it’s not about The goal it’s about the process of Getting there so I know that sounds cheesy but i believe There’s been the biggest game changer For me In my life when i’m looking at things Where i say like The iron man for example i don’t say oh Let’s see if i can do i wonder if i can Do and then If i’m not prepared the week before that I can just cancel it No i sign up i pay the fee i invest in a Coach i learn from someone who’s better Than me and ask myself how can we get This done Not maybe you know you think that we Could maybe Get this done it’s how do we get it done And what do I have to do to get it done what do you Want from me

To get it done who do i need to hire What do i need to do On a weekly basis on a daily basis what New habits And then you know if i fail this year so Be it then i’ll make it next year I’ll do it again right it’s kind of like When we built Our first home this home that we’re Living in not this office But in our our new home it’s pretty Amazing let me explain So when we built our home and my brother Is a partner in a House construction company and so we Hired them To build our home for us and this is Lesson number two Or principle number two which is hire People who are better than you To do the things that you don’t want to Do or can’t do especially in the Beginning so What i mean by that is we hired them to Build our home Back in 2020 we wanted to be done by Christmas And this was a huge challenge because They had you know multiple projects Happening at once and so i asked them Hey do you think First i asked them kindly do you think We could build this and finish it by Christmas we want to move in

By christmas and the answer was i don’t Think so that’s four months so i said What do we have to do what people do you Need to hire or bring To our home and house to finish it by Christmas and they said you know there’s A couple of things that we can do Then there’s a couple things that we you Know can’t really affect that much Because once you build the ground floor Then you got to let it dry things like That and so i was like okay what are the Things that you can control And how many people do you have to add To it and how much is it And so you know we went to the bank we Said this how much it’s going to be And we took out a loan to build a house And They just brought more people and They were more strict on their deadlines And things like that And they planned ahead so that they were Able to build and finish it by christmas And we moved in Three days before christmas we got it Done because it wasn’t An option so principle number one don’t Make it an option Make it a must principle number two hire People or learn from people okay you can Also learn from people who are better Than you If it’s a skill whether that’s on

Youtube reading books Listening to podcasts or buying courses Hiring a consultant Or a personal coach they’ll show you the Behind the scenes of what they’re doing Or if you pay someone to do it they’ll Just do it because they have years of Experience Imagine if i built a home myself a lot Of people do that And if i did that it would be like Trying to start over and learning Everything that they have already Learned So that i could build a home and save a Couple of thousand But then waste a year or maybe two years To get it done so that’s why It’s way better to just pay someone else Who have the experience to teach you Or show you or do it just like we did so That brings me to Principle number three which is in the Vlog that i did last night where i was Running home from This office and then i want you to ask Yourself after you watch that vlog Sequence What can you do in your life to take This principle number three And apply it to your life and make it More fun make it better Raise your standards and become better As a person

Because you will feel more joy more Fulfillment more meaning in life And there you can go out and build your Business and help more people take care Of your Home your family your extended family Maybe your parents your kids Whatever it is so hopefully you like This last piece and uh Yeah let’s just roll it so we spent the Day At the beach most of the time with the Family because it’s holidays here in Finland and Afterwards i was like i told my wife why Don’t you drop me off At the office i’ll do some work and then I’ll i’ll jog i’ll run home From the office afterwards when i’m done It’s 17 kilometers And it’s 1am so yeah i’m not sure about This idea anymore But i’ll get it done i’ll get it done i Wanted to film this Because who knows probably gonna take Two hours gotta embrace him Gotta face him and then you break Through it quote goes then You can frame that okay This is just me or is it scary to run In the middle of the night so that was The cops who stopped me to ask What i’m doing i actually just asked Like are you on a jog or a run

And i was like yeah i’ve been at the Office and i gotta go home And they’re like okay cool good luck all Good let’s continue [Music] It’s important as i’m training for iron Man to keep my pulse below 145 Ish so i keep it in a low zone i think I’m halfway now so Everything is great i’m in better shape Than i thought [Applause] All right so now i’m getting closer to Home still got a couple of Kilometers but i was like man i’m Thirsty Then i remembered i had this Bag of energy drink so Thank you flo and arctic nutrition Because you saved my My day or night it’s 2 a.m Now let’s have a quick chat about why I’m doing this And you might care you might not care uh It’s fine i just want you To think about what you’re doing in your Life And ask yourself am i having enough fun Am i doing a lot Of challenging stuff am i pushing myself Am i Raising my standards am i trying new Things And am i making life interesting because

If you’re not I highly recommend you do because Otherwise life’s boring Try new things push yourself do more Live more become more i promise you it’s Hard But it’s fun it’s way more fun than a Boring Stable safe life type of thing so Anyways Let’s go Okay that’s way too fast So now it’s no longer fun now it’s just Painful [Music] Almost home it’s getting brighter and Brighter There’s the cops again [Music] So i just posted on my insta story what Are the chances of rain And then literally 10 seconds later It’s raining i don’t know if you can Tell But it’s raining hard hey there’s my Home [Music] It’s pouring down but i made it home That’s how we do it Great timing it’s just great to be home And good night so i’ll see you in the Next setup Peace You.

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