How to Create Beautiful Graphics That Sells: Sketch & Clickfunnels Tutorial 2021

What’s up guys welcome back to another Video i am in a good mood today so i Want to do something special for you Guys we just uploaded a list Of like 10 or 12 something New video tutorials when it comes to Funnel design and beautiful images That makes your pages look more Beautiful and convert better Because they communicate professionalism And the value Their offer has and so what i want to do Is because you’re here because you Subscribe because you smash that like Button For the youtube algorithm i want to give You a free tutorial from this module and If you want to join the full course Link is in the description but if you Don’t want and you can’t No hard feelings i still want you to to Get these videos for free so Anton if you could just show an image Here with everything that’s included in The module And we’re gonna pick one that’s uh Pretty amazing and we’re just gonna roll That now so first Like the video subscribe if you haven’t Already and here’s The tutorial so hope you enjoy Right so in this video i want to show You kind of the different Graphics that i’ve created for a funnel

Of mine And hopefully we’ll give you a little Bit of inspiration on how you can design Different graphics and make them stand Out so I got everything from like frameworks to I can see these laptop mock-ups to icons To custom graphics to More conversational graphics meaning This graphic Is communicating something this one is Communicating something else and this One Something else like five out of five and Five stars you can probably tell Already where that graphic would be Going it would be a headline that talks About results And happy customers and this one would Probably be around Getting clients right you can even see That i tried adding different Arrows and i think i went with the one Without Arrows but you can still see kind of how I’ve Tested out different things and then Picked one of them when i launched So let me just show you how i created Some of these We’ll start here at the top so when it Comes to testimonials there’s obviously A different in a couple of different Ways that you can do this

But one of them is you can come up with Text take you know whatever the person Said in a video or written Testimonial and just type it out then The way you would get this Is right if i just make this one a Little bit bigger Uh if i start with this which i can Obviously Just upload or insert here it would be An Image just like this Right i have a circle and i can add it To the mask in there i can then click R and create this box There it is border i’ll fill it I’ll just make it white radius set to 10 I will add a shadow to it Blur it to 30. Y down to 10 change opacity to 10. now i would then need a headline so I would click T and i would start creating the Headline so that would be extra bold Then i would have the Actual testimonial make that one Lighter and smaller i would then Import a graphic like this Right or yeah this is just done here so Sometimes i import an image and then i Click Fill this is just you know with the text These are things that are super easy to Do right

Uh you just have to play around in all Honesty i think What it really comes down to is you have To First see what you’re going to build Before you start building Meaning you’ll have to find inspiration First before you start building Something I think that’s really the key to get Beautiful designs Is knowing when you open like here’s the Design that i want to build because i Saw it on You know pinterest or whatever i saw on This funnel And that sort of stuff so you can Already see how i’m creating that one This one is just different images So you can see here different types of Screenshots I just align them all so it looks good And then i mark everything And i can either add a shadow here or I can first group it and then Add a shadow to all these images so i Could do something like This boom and now i can export it and Use In my funnel these ones i have a Rectangle Right so i have the rectangle with Radius image Masked on top of it i’ve added these

You can see what they actually look like So this Is the image it’s just you know it’s a Little graphic And what i’ve done is added gradient to It You can obviously go in here and change The different colors And then you know once you’re happy with It You could then just move it to the place Where you want to Use it i have another one here and then All of these Are screenshots and what you can do with A screenshot is this So i’ll grab one of these and i Will just double click it boom I’ll choose the area that i want to use I crop it I can add a shadow to it And there we go i’ll then just move it To wherever i want to use it so I can also create these myself by You know adding a rectangle change the Background color The text add an arrow really what it Comes down to is like having one main Image and then adding different elements So like you just click Insert image and add an Arrow for an example or add a line like An underline or An image of five stars and the way you

You find all of these Is you just go to google and type in Like five star png Transparent you know or like money back Guarantee Png transparent so this one we’ll take a Look and See what this is this is an image of the Five stars It’s a text that says five out of five And it’s a rectangle That i’ve set to gradient so if i change It you can see Kind of how that looks and i’ve also Done the same thing here With these dots on google found the dots Png transparent added a fill to it And then you know i can use it with my Images one thing to keep in mind with These Is a lot of people like to do this they Love doing this And it doesn’t look good it just doesn’t Because it takes away too much focus From the main image The main image is trying to say as You’re building stuff you’re getting Results 5 out of 5 star reviews So this should be subtle it’s like if i Had Something like this for an example let’s Move this around a little bit Get a custom graphic a blob i would do Something like this and i wanted to use

This i wouldn’t make it Like this right because it would take Away too much focus I would make it something like like this You know so it’s there but you know the Main focus is on this thing So anyways hopefully that helps as well Let’s go to icons because i know i have Some examples of That as well we’re going to zoom in here Basically how created these Is it’s just a rectangle with a text on And a text behind it so i i like to use These a lot because I can type in one i can make it A little bit smaller I could use it behind um that image Because of Opacity so it’s subtle but it’s still There and it adds like that little touch To it So when it comes to these for an example You can again Just look at what people have designed And you can do something like This for an example let’s say you want To use this You want to change this up a little bit So you have the same Just make it smaller And you would create your own graphic Once it’s done you can Okay i wanted something like that group It and then once it’s grouped you can

You know change it however you want so By the way if you ever want to you know Redesign an entire Image or fill an image like this you Can’t do that once it’s grouped because It’s three images or three Rectangles that were created so instead What you could do Is just export this and then import it Because then it’s one image and then you Could click fill and you could have a Gradient from this side to this and all That So that’s just a side note which i think Is important All of this you could add by literally Going Rectangle right there color To something like that and then Backwards So it’s it’s right there what else do we Have In here this one for an example the way I’ve created this Is i’ve added a combination of different Mock-ups we have one Two three this is from canva We have a circle we have a text And then we have a text a logo actually Or text Then we have something that covers the Background right there And we have the dashboard of the Software so again

I’ve just pieced all of these together So i get this one nice graphic And then i download it such as same Thing with this Graphic dots this is a rectangle that is Just using borders This one is a circle the main one is a Mock-up from I have everything together boom i just Group it And i export it like a picture So the last thing that i want to mention Is make sure that your design is Communicating something so if this is a Bundle Do this you know if it’s a framework or A blueprint Or a process you can do something like This you can also do You know if it’s a three-step process to This you can do like one two three Make these smaller and and you know make The headline Sell the thing the seller process and Then these just Show visually what it would look like so Hopefully that is helpful i will keep Uploading More tips and tricks on how to get a Beautiful design But hopefully this gives you a little Bit of inspiration As to how you can create your own design So with that said

I’ll see you next time

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