Funnels Section and Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn about what is Funnels Section and Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In this lesson we’re going to talk about Funnels We can navigate to the funnels portion Of your click funnels account by Selecting the site and funnels tab on The left hand side of your screen Once you are on this portion of your Account click on the funnels tab in the Pop-up menu You’ll now see your funnels dashboard This will include all the funnels that You have created Imported at any funnels you’ve archived Let’s talk about the dashboard At the top of the dashboard you will see The option to choose to view all of your Funnels only those funnels that you’ve Imported and those funnels that are Archived and not currently live in your Account As you can see in this account we Haven’t yet imported any funnels but That is an option available when Creating a new funnel In the archive funnels you’ll see Funnels that have been put into the Archive so that they don’t take up space Given that we have quite a few funnels Already created this helps us to keep

Our final dashboard organized and we’ll Talk about how to do this later on For now let’s talk about the layout of a Funnel In this dashboard Start out with you can edit the funnels To settings the funnel settings include The name of the funnel the active domain Integrated with your account The funnel path URL for instance we’ve Chosen example funnel for here so that In this case the if complete URL is example Funnel for here although this funnel is Not currently active It is in test mode we could change it Out of test mode if we wanted to In test mode a funnel can be tested and Will not process live payments We can choose a style From the Styles created in our account There is another article and video about Creating Styles in your account If you want to share your funnel with a Friend or a customer you can generate a Funnel share link by clicking this Button As you can see you are asked to choose a Category between generate leads or sell A product once you’ve chosen that you Can generate a funnel share link Now we can choose to update the funnel With our changes or discard them I’m Going to discard them for now also while

Here if you wish to you can archive a Funnel using this red button You can also choose to view a funnel as It currently exists we’ll talk about That later when we talk about setting up Your funnel Finally you can check out the analytics On your funnel Analytics allow you to see how a funnel Is performing and whether it is Generated opt-ins or sales already Finally you can get a view of how a Funnel is laid out by clicking on the Title of the funnel This is the funnel workflow as you can See it currently only has one page but We could add another page if we wanted To We can choose the page type In this case I’m going to choose an Opt-in then give the page a name or Description In this case example For the subscription we don’t need one Right now But this URL has already been used so I’m going to add a few a few numbers You’ll now see the funnel uh has a Marking saying the URL is available to Use On this page we can also choose a page Title and a description for ad for Search engine optimization And we can choose whether we want it

Indexed or not This will help web crawlers to find and Index our page so that they can be used In the E indexing for search engines and Allow your page to be found by others Let’s click create page Now you’ll see that this funnel now has Two pages We can also create a split path Since a decision was made whether or not To opt into the funnel We can choose whether the decision or we Could choose to have this be a test if It’s a test Then visitors will be randomly shunted To one of two paths leading out from This decision if it’s a decision We can then set up conditions under Which someone will either be funneled to This section here or this section here For instance since we asked someone to Opt in in the previous funnel step we Could say if someone did opt in they’ll Be brought here and if someone did not Opt in they’ll be brought here We’ll talk more about the funnel Workflow later on But I wanted to give you a brief Overview of how it generally works We can now go back to our dashboard As you can see you can track some Information about active funnels using The dashboard information set The status will tell you whether a

Funnel is set in test mode or live Whether how many steps the funnel has How many unique visitors a funnel has Received how many pages in The Funnel They viewed and whether or not someone Has opted in if they have opted in Then the opt-in sticker will tick up Once If the funnel has generated any sales That sales number will be listed here What users in your workspace can access It And of course the tools that we Mentioned earlier I hope that you found this helpful If you have any further questions or Concerns about building a funnel we will Have another video about specifically About building a funnel coming up next If you have more general questions about The funnel layout overview or workflow Feel free to reach out to our excellent Tech support Team they’ll be able to help you out and Answer questions that you may have For now that’s all we have for now Have a great day.

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