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With click funnels education and I hope You’re having a great day today In today’s video we’re going to be Talking about the marketing tool Broadcasts To begin with go to the marketing tab on The left hand side of your screen Now that you’re in the marketing section Click on the broadcasts tab in the new Pop-up window on the left hand side of The screen You’ll now see the broadcast stash board You can see this is designed to sort all Broadcasts craft broadcasts which have Been composed but not scheduled or sent Scheduled broadcasts that will be sent At a later time and send broadcasts that Have already been delivered If you have not sent any broadcasts or Created any you will see that these Broadcast settings are empty for now To create and send a broadcast you will Need to go to marketing settings and set Up your email account which we will Cover in a later video For now let’s click create broadcast to Walk us through the process When creating a broadcast you can choose A template so that you don’t have to Create a new broadcast email from Scratch You can however also choose start from

Blank For now you’ll choose this template Which we can then edit it as we would Any click funnels page in the editor We can change the title image add Buttons included divider include HTML Social media tie-in Include a video Include special icons a menu text Stickers or a gif For now we’ll leave this as it is Don’t forget to click save and exit if You make any changes in a Editor format in your click funnels 2.0 Account Now that we have a template design We can include a broadcast name this Should this should be a name that is Useful for identifying this broadcast at A later Point especially if you’re Planning to schedule it For now we’ll call this education Example It also included as a broadcast topic we Don’t need to this is an optional field But for now I’ll select General You can choose who we’re sending this to Right now it’s being sent to all of the Contacts in this account we can choose Edit audience To include a search function that will Filter email addresses Based on email address first name last Name LTV when the email address contact

Was created when it was last updated Those who have unsubscribed this is Useful only for confirming an Unsubscription Based on contact details Tags Enrolled in a specific course Bought a product When they opted in If they viewed a funnel or if they Viewed a specific product We can also choose our from sending Email address this will depend on having A uh an email a marketing email address Set up in our marketing settings If we don’t have one set up we can still Send marketing email but will come from The no reply at email Address You’ll want to select the name for your Sending address to be your name or Business name but again that’s covered Under marketing settings But subject line include a subject line That will be the first text recipient C With their email reaches their inbox so For instance This is an example broadcast You can also send a pre and set a Pre-header this text following the Subject line when email is previewed Usually showing up the first few words Of which it will show up in an email

Account So for instance This Is an example Obviously you might want to have a more Descriptive title but for our purposes This will do the trick We can choose whether we want to send an Email immediately Or later If we select later Then it will schedule a broadcast for a Layer point we can also save it as a Draft if we’re not quite ready to send This email just yet In this case we’ll click save as draft Because we don’t want to spam a bunch of Our contacts With an example email Now we can see the overview of this Broadcast Once we’ve actually sent it Will be able to track the statistics Pertaining to this broadcast We can see its performance Who’s delivered it or to whom it’s been Delivered how many of those people have Opened and who’s clicked on a link Within the email We can check more in-depth details about Our open rate and our click rate Double check to make sure that our email Isn’t being bounced by email servers and Check email providers to see which of

These may be having difficulty Processing our emails Now that we when we go back to Broadcasts we’ll see what the education Example broadcast is set as a draft in Our account Thank you for joining me on this brief Overview of the broadcast tool in your Click funnels email account Next up we will be covering other tools In the your click funnels marketing tool Set in your 2.0 account I hope you found this helpful if you Have any other questions or concerns Please feel free to reach out to our Excellent Tech funnels technical support team Or check out other Academy documents or Videos for more information about the Tools available in your clickfunnels 2.0 Account Thanks and have a great day.

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