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Hi there I’m Drew with life funnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In this video we’ll be discussing the Workflow tool in the marketing Tools in Your click funnels 2.0 account to begin With click on the marketing tab on the Left hand side of your screen As you’ll see it begins defaulting on The workflows tab if you find yourself On another tab click on the workflows Tab to bring yourself back to this Dashboard A workflow is a SQL sequence of emails System actions and events That can be undertaken automated by a Trigger that will activate when based on Customer or audience member activity As you can see on the workflow dashboard All existing workflows are listed under The workflow search bar you can search For a workflow by its name so it can be Helpful to give workflows descriptive Names so that you’ll know who is going To be affected by it just at a glance You can also filter your workflows by Live Draft Imported and archived workflows which Are no longer functioning To begin with let’s add a new workflow You can start off by giving your

Workflow a name as mentioned before it Can be helpful to give workflows and all Things you are giving a name a Descriptive name so that you’ll be able To find the easily in this case we’re Going to call it education example And also select the Run type Multiple runs for contact means that if A contact hits the trigger again for a Specific workflow it will run a second Time Multiple runs for contact simultaneous Means that if a contact hits a workflow Repeatedly in short order those runs Will happen simultaneously at only one Run for contact means that if a contact Hits a workflow trigger a second time it Will not run a second time For now let’s leave it at back to back And click create workflow You’ll now see that there is a full Workflow dashboard here that you can Choose to set up As you see fit we’ll start by setting up A trigger It says here this workflow currently has No triggers so we’ll add a trigger The workflow will execute with every Event in the workspace if we don’t set Up a specific event type For instance We can choose the calendar event when a Contact registered when a successful Purchase is being completed when an

Opt-in is being completed or when a page View is being completed let’s select Opt-in This can be we can choose here Which funnel we wish for the opt-in to Be triggered on We’ll choose this test funnel just so That there isn’t any chance that uh a This workflow will accidentally trigger As we’re just using it as an example Finally we can choose the page in the Funnel where we expect the opt-in to Take place Now that we’ve created the trigger and Choose whether or not we want it to be Active For now we’ll leave it inactive but when You want this workflow to begin don’t Forget to click the active tab so that The trigger will activate the work Workflow when it when it occurs for now Let’s click create trigger As you can see it’s still listed as zero Active triggers because we didn’t Activate that trigger now we can choose An event that happens after the workflow For instance we can choose to have it Send an email message Create a conditional split path Create a regular split test Delay for a set period of time trigger Another workflow or end the workflow For internal actions We can have its tag contact adding or

Removing a tag on a contact Add a note on the contacts profile Notify you when the customer meets those Conditions or goals Or theoretically create a web hook or Enroll a customer in a course so for Instance if someone made a purchase you Could enroll them in a course that you Had automating that process and allowing Them to automatically sign into that Workflow you might also want to send Them an email sending them their Temporary password and reminding them They have been enrolled in the course In this case we’ll add a delay first This means that when someone for Instance makes a purchase they won’t Receive an email or have the internal Action occur right away but eventually We’ll call it a 30 minute duration Now We can send an email Send a sending a broadcast email message To the specific customer who has gone to This step Now we can design the email choose a Name subject and pre-headline much as we Would have When we were creating broadcasts in a Previous lesson Alternately we can create a split path Based on actions that the customer has Taken The conditional split path will

Fork them into one of multiple possible Outcomes for instance if we set it to up So that they had opted in but we only Wanted people who had opted in and made A purchase we could set up the condition If this person has made a purchase send This email if this person has not made a Purchase perhaps we would probably send Them with a different email prompting Them to make a purchase When we’re finished don’t forget to Include end workflow as a important step If you have any other questions or Concerns about setting up a workflow Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Our excellent customer education and Technical support team They will be able to help you with Questions you may have about our system Now that we’ve started to set up our Workflow we can see that it is listed in The workflow actions here editing Existing workflows is simple as clicking Edit workflow It will only be treated as live once the Trigger is set to be active For more information about clickfunnels 2.0 tools check out other Academy Documents or other other videos in this Series That’s all we have for now but I hope You found this helpful Have a great day.

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