Building a Landing Page in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn the best way in “Building a Landing Page in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

How’s it going so we’re going to be Looking at building a landing page on The new click funnels 2.0 To start we’re going to be on our Dashboard initially and we’ll navigate To sites and funnels And from sites and funnels we will click On the subnav for funnels We’re going to be building our first Following here today we’re going to Title it new landing page funnel URL is available for you so we’ll go Ahead and create that funnel The next step is that we’re going to add A node for a page When you load this up there’s going to Be a few options available but for this Example we’re going to click on new page This first one will be called the Landing page And from here we’ll actually jump in to Go ahead and start editing the page The first thing that we’re going to do Is go ahead and add some sections that Have been pre-built by click funnels We’ll just start by adding a navigation Component Such as this nav section at the top And go ahead and box everything in by Adding a navigation footer The next step is to go ahead and add in Some section content here

I’ll add a full page section That is split up into two columns And on the left column we’ll want an Image And on the right column we’ll want a Headline sub headline paragraph And inputs And a button And just that fast we’ve already got What is the skeleton makeup of an opt-in Page or a landing page We’ll go ahead and add in some content Here so you can see the full capability Of the click funnels editor We’ll look at a shot demand and I’d Start filling in some of our content Here that we’ve pre-written Now we’re just doing the final bit of Steps here tidying up some of the page Contents and making it look good and Presentable for everyone who visits the Page And with just a few clicks we’ve got a Fully built out landing page with a Tension getting headline sub headline That adds to the point of the cop being And a paragraph component that helps Bring some of the clarity to your Message people can enter their email Address here and click on the button Down below to get whatever your free Thing is in exchange for their email Address we hope this was helpful if you Have any other questions feel free to

Reach out to support Thanks.

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