Creating a Sales Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn the best way in “Creating a Sales Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

ClickFunnels and today we’re going to be Seeing sales funnels in Click funnels 2.0 Let’s start by going to sites and Funnels from the left hand side menu From the home dashboard And from here we can select funnels from The follow-up menu Here we’re going to be able to create Funnels We can create a blank funnel by clicking On the Blue create funnel button But we can also use recipes And in here we can select sell a product To see the different types of Funnel setups that have already Pre-selected funnel pages In order to create a sales funnel Let’s use the product launch funnel as An example We’re going to give this a name And we’re going to create the funnel Once the funnel is created and named We’re going to see this map of the Workflow of this funnel where it goes From a sales page to an order page to an Order confirmation according to this Funnel template Now very similarly to 1.0 The page types are pre-selected but the Templates for each page are not so in

This case we’re going to start clicking On each starting with the sales page And we can see the different page types From this left hand side menu And since this is a sales page we’re Going to select sales and select the Template Once we get up in a name and it’s given A page path You’re going to see that it’s going to Load up And we can go ahead and follow up to the Order Where we can select from the three Available order form templates And finishing with the order Confirmation Which in this case we can use the thank You And select one of these available Templates Now from this view we can select Each page to edit or preview by hovering Over the thumbnail Of the funnel page but we can also click On these three dots To see the settings and options that we Have available for each funnel page Which are split test page Add products attach workflows and step Settings we can also remove by using Obviously the remove Option and we can also move around the Steps by click hold and drag

And then holding over each of these Nodes in between pages Obviously on the order form page is Where we’re going to be adding the Products Foreign And inside once we select the template We should have the available elements That would make up an order form in Order for it to work So we scroll down we’re going to see our Product selection Going to the next step for contact Information and payment Once you are finished from making edits On this view we can click on Save and Then we can click on this far left arrow Button to go back into the funnel Overview I hope this information is helpful and If you have any further questions please Feel free to reach out Thank you so much for watching.

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