Charge $500 OR $5,000?… You’re probably doing business WRONG.

All right so this is pretty Controversial But i want you to think about this what If a 500 client is more worth to you Than a 5 000 Client and let me explain because i know The sales gurus will tell you that hey If you join my coaching program and you Just learn the the sales system that i Have then you no longer have to under Charge what you’re worth you should Always know your worth and charge Accordingly and while yes i agree to Some extent with that but i’ll explain To you why sometimes the 500 Clients are better than the 5k clients And specifically for starting out so i’m Sure you’re seeing the meme 500 client Says hey here’s 500 it’s all my savings Please save my business And i trust you with everything in my Life versus the five thousand dollar Client that says paid thank you And that’s sometimes the difference is Yes people have bigger team they have a Bigger business it’s not as much for Them to pay five thousand from a Percentage standpoint and someone who Has just 500 left their small business And they trust you to build their funnel So yeah i’ll explain to you first seven Ways you can get clients because one of Them that you can utilize the most is Actually where this is gonna apply the Best so i posted this on facebook.

if You’re not following me there just go on And facebook and and add me as a friend Seven best ways to get more clients Number one content inbound marketing we Post the right type of content to Attract dream clients this is the best In my opinion because they’re pre-sold When approaching you and it’s easier to Close if you’re not new to the channel Then you’ve heard this talked about it a Lot second follow audits second way to Get more clients is by doing outbound Loom videos where you say look i love This about your funnel but i think you Could do these things you could Implement this here have it this section Right here about this thing and then add Testimonials faq and you can increase Conversions if you want me to build your Funnel for you uh reach out we can talk About what that would look like right Referrals hey client loved working with You if you have anyone that you know Would need a funnel i would be happy to Pay you 10 to 20 of the referral fee Just for introducing me in a group chat So that’s referrals upsell clients you Built a funnel for client free or paid And now they need another one to either Rebrand their other offers to up level Their brand and be consistent throughout Their different offers or maybe they Launch a new offer so you can upsell

Clients you can be a full-time lead Designer i’ve done all of these by the Way it could be a business with a team Of people handling funnels or someone Else doing the copywriting and they just Need you to come in and be the lead Designer there’s a lot of other agencies Who specialize in funnels who don’t Specialize in funnels but they want to Maybe add this on top of their ad Service their social media their blog Writing like whatever that is they can Add funnels to their offers but you’re The one who comes in and they white Label your services they slap their Branding on it and boom you get paid Without having to talk to clients and Then the last one where i’ve been a lead Designer where we ran ads to get clients And calls and we were getting a lot of Clients that way as well so why do i say This because i was just talking to Someone today about a 500 client and i Said look what’s your schedule look like Is it a empty calendar where you just Post content you reach out to people and You create concept funnels to add to Your portfolio or b is it a schedule Where you have 90 of your time is client Work and 10 is like you managing your Own business you’re trying to keep up With Content talking to people in your inbox Like you have so many leads that you

Don’t even have time to respond to all Of them and i don’t want to come off as Like bragging but i have more leads that I can handle right now so i wouldn’t Right now take a 500 client but if You’re starting out here’s a couple of Reasons why i think that a 500 client Can actually make you wealthy long term So number one is the difference between Building funnels that are concept Funnels so that you can add them to your Portfolio where you get paid zero and Yes you learn you increase your skills But you don’t get paid Anything to do it right but yes again It’s good because your portfolio girls Your skills grow and you post them so You can use them in your promotion your Marketing your content But you can also do that with the 500 Client so that’s the first thing like You can either get paid nothing or you Can get paid 500 to build your portfolio So i’m always telling people like you Still need those like first 10 funnels In your portfolio so you can show people Like yeah i’m actually building funnels As well like i haven’t just built like One little like opt-in page that i Practiced like i’m actually a funnel Builder if you get 500 each that’s 5 000 And if you can reinvest that into a Brand new computer and to a course and Maybe hire a coach like that’s

All like setting you up for life where Now you have the skills and the Equipment To build funnels for other clients as Well you can build funnels for people Who pay you 2 000 and maybe 1500 maybe a Thousand so no Instead of just trusting that everything Is going to be consistent five thousand Percent five thousand five five five Where you know you get leads from all Different Levels right so some of them are just Gonna be able to pay you a thousand five Hundred fifteen hundred in this case Wouldn’t it be better for you To have a schedule of 500 here 1500 here That’s 2 000 plus 2 500 here that’s 4 500 1500 here that’s 6 000 and then 2000 Here at 800 another one that’s like 750 That’s 750 000 in a month that’s a six figure Per year business Working from home because why because You didn’t put your ego first you didn’t Say look the guru is telling me i’m Worth this much well if you just got Kind of getting started or if you’ve Been dabbling in this space for a couple Of months but you know you’re not where You want to be you know that your level Is not a 10 out of 10. like could you Right now if uh tony robbins and russell Brunson and grant cardone and

Garyvee and who other like big brands Are out there but if they came to you And they said are you comfortable to Come on and join the team right now full Time and handle all my funnels If your answer to that is i would love To but I don’t know if i’m the right person Like yeah like i i’ll do it one day but Right now it’s not my level like i don’t Feel comfortable and so it’s better i Tell you that i’m not good enough Or would you rather have been paid like A thousand five hundred seven fifty you Know five hundred a thousand Thousand five hundred two thousand five Hundred two thousand You know and kind of like fill your Calendar with work to where someone Comes to you and say hey are you ready To build funnels full time for this Client you would then say Heck yeah i’m ready let’s do it you know Because you have that experience and You’ve been paid to learn you earn You earn more you learn the more you Learn the more you earn that’s the Business of funnel building you never Get fully You know 11 out of 10 level there’s Always stuff that you can improve on and So that’s why 500 clients sometimes will Be the springboard right and here’s the Last thing that i’ll leave you with what

If that some someone who just said look 500 bucks is just a simple opt-in page Maybe it’s a webinar opt-in lead funnel And it’s just this like they have the Copy they have the you know everything They just need you to redesign it to Kind of like improve the look of it the Feel and make them look more Professional like if it takes you one Day and i don’t say 24 hours i mean like Four hours six hours eight hours like Even ten like if you can do it in one Day Isn’t that worth 500 bucks in a day like I’ve never had a job where i made 500 in A day but i’ve had funnels where i made A thousand in a day 2 000 in a day 3 000 In a day that’s my Pledge to you is please don’t ever put Your ego first and say i’m worth way More But Also don’t underestimate your value if You have the portfolio if you have the Skills you have the leads coming in and You kind of have to choose which Projects to accept right now see the Difference is like now you get to a Point where you can accept like okay i Have time for this one it’s it’s 3.5 000 But i’ll do it for 2.5 because you know I love your stuff and and i love your Offer and i would love to to work with You you know that’s a genuine like

Discount because of a specific reason it Could be you have the copy already you Have the email sequence already you have A great offer you have the copy i’ll I’ll just design it i’ll do it for 2500 Instead of 3.5 right now you pick and Choose who to work with but when you’re Just getting started put your ego aside And say look in the next 10 years How can i get to maybe 500 funnels 300 Funnels a thousand funnels who knows Like what your goal is but if that’s Your goal imagine how good you will be And then if you can help these many People like imagine how much you’ll make And so put your ego aside At least that’s that’s what i did and Now i’ve built 400 funnels and we’re Getting close to as a business total Revenue all income streams cash Collected almost a million dollars since I started my business couple of years Ago So what have i done with that money i’ve Reinvested almost all of it outside of Just you know some stuff that i bought From for the family so we can live a Good life but most of it reinvested into The business into my brand into Equipment into the office into the Youtube channel the team into my Everything so that the business can keep Producing income and i have a skill Tool box so that i can now literally

Build any offer i want to launch or any Funnel any client i can take them on Because i’ve built the skill set i’ve Been stacking those skills and it all Started with believe it or not a 500 Client so hope you like this video if You haven’t already make sure you Subscribe like the video if you want to Check out full-time funnel designer do This with us where you get the full System getting leads how to get clients How to build funnels that convert Conversion rate optimization All the stuff that makes your h your Clients actually happy and pay you again From a 500 to maybe a 5 000 that’s all In ffd this discount in the description Also let me know in the comments what Else do you want to see on this channel Because i i’d like to give you tutorials Tips trainings tools whatever you need So that can best serve you in your Funnel agency journey that said i’ll see You Next i’ll see in the next one

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