ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft

Hey what the heck is the difference between ClickFunnels versus Infusionsoft?

My name is Stacia Kennedy in this video
I’m gonna actually be sharing with you The exact differences and the pros and
cons of clickfunnels Versus Infusionsoft or what I might say
confusion stuff in this video so let’s Go to the computer and I’ll show you
exactly what I’m talking about.

ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft

So here is the back end of my
Infusionsoft I still actually don’t Really get it very much it is really
good for contact management systems but Their campaign builder that you can send
emails as well in here and keep all your Contacts in your CRM and you can create
this campaign builder and make landing Pages as well – but it’s so confusing
they have this section where you can Create your own campaign and you drag
and drop these things it’s like almost Like a virtual flow of what a landing
page offer would be with these sales Pages and things like that you can like
grab these things and put it landing Page there and do this and that I still
I’m freaking confused on what these Things actually do I had someone from
there like Infusionsoft like gives you Like a few like you know sessions with
someone to build out a campaign he Totally did it wrong and didn’t even
like work and I ended up having to turn It off click funnels is so easy okay you
guys confusion soft or sorry Infusionsoft vs click funnels you can go
in here click click a funnel and you can Decide what you want to do you want to
start a opt-in page do you want to Here’s there’s two different versions
the classic funnel builder which is very Simple but you can also use the cookbook
builder process where Russell Brunson The owner of the company created like a
cookbook like a recipe for whatever you Want to
like you can go in here and say if You’re you know what industry you’re in
you can sort through the different Funnels and decide what you want to do
right so if you’re an author speaker Coach you want to do a membership site
do you want to create a video sales Letter when I page it to do a squeeze
page do you want to generate leads let’s Click on generate leads you can do a
bridge funnel which is my favorite that Section should be the first fun all you
guys ever do it’s a bridge funnel where I always share with people if you want
to introduce yourself introduce people To who you are what you do and how you
can help them each funnel he explains What it is and how it you can use it in
your business and then it gives you Bunch of templates free templates with
that with that structure you can also

Find ones that are paid versions where
people actually built for specific Niches that could definitely be
something that could fit your niche Right and you can just change it and add
your photo there’s a real estate one Right there see so pick a free one may
also show you different other paid ones But it’s really easy to pick a free one
and then start clicking and building Your your funnel so I’m biased of course
this is a biased video I’m gonna Straight-up tell you that I love click
funnels you can grab your 14-day trial By clicking the link below this video
and I will help you you can make an Appointment with me and if you’re
purchasing I click funnels through my Link I will help you build your first
funnel I will walk you through what you Need to do and show you how you can
drive traffic to a fun on get generate Leads and sales all day every day all
day every day so this is one of my Favorite ones this is a bridge funnel
like I said you open it up you can click The link right there and I’ll show you
what it looks like Put your logo change out your headline
you know putting your call to action or What you’re offering here it’s all about
giving value you could do all this Posting and things like that online but
if you’re not giving value and capturing Your lead create capture and convert
then there’s no point to this online Marketing thing if you’re not creating
value capturing the leaves and following Up right here you’ll see the URL you can
customize your URL and and this is just The one that they give you when you
first sign up with your username it’s All hosted inside of clickfunnels you
don’t have to purchase anything else Other than your old domain name if you
want to switch this out I have other Videos that show you exactly how to do
that how to integrate your domain name To clickfunnels but for now you can
start off with testing out click funnels In the 14-day trial click the link below
this video grab it grab your 14-day Trial with me set up an appointment with
me as Stacia it’s a Shakuni calm let me Know you got it through my link and you
want to make an appointment all right Got more questions you can always find
me at got funnels comm or station Kennedy comm and you can also set up
your side hustle funnel if you’re Looking to generate income through their
affiliate program this is my new Business in a box called the side hustle
funnel comm you can learn how to Generate income from the comfort of your
laptop around anywhere in the world That’s me that’s me signing off much
love and aloha and we’ll see you guys on

The next video bye.

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