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We’re gathered here today to celebrate The death of your website CDU Congratulations so happy for your loss My websites not dead it might as well be It’s a dead beat that never makes you Any money As a professional gold digger and Part-time gravedigger I think you could Do better in fact you could be making Six times the gold I’ll prove it Here’s your website a confusing maze of Distractions and dead ends click funnels On the other hand is a series of online Steps that guides the customer through The sale what happens when real business Owners compare the selling power of Their website to a click funnel I give You the click funnel test each business Owner sent the same number of potential Customers to their website and their Click funnel click funnels one every Time capturing more leads and making More money It worked for a dentist blogger speaker Gym owner business consultant and it can Work for you go to deathful And sign up for a free web class that’ll Teach you the click funnel secrets to Grow your business own average business Owners who ditch their website for click Funnels have made over six times the Money I mentioned the money you make right now And then super if you can’t do the math .

In your head just imagine a lot of money Look it’s not your fault your site Doesn’t sell it’s not your team’s fault Either Except for you Kevin you suck at Business the problem is that websites Aren’t designed to make money whether They’re pretty but pointless or Cluttered and confusing websites fail Because they don’t guide the customer to The sale my grandmother used to Embroider this on pillows in the 80s Sounded senile at the time but in Hindsight probably shouldn’t have put Her in the home luckily there’s a Website alternative an upper-hand that Your competitors do not have it’s time For your business to use click funnels The effective no coding way to six times Your sales Unlike websites click funnels are Designed around proven sales principles They guide potential customers through The sale just like you would in person Turning them from casual visitors into Happy buyers that means more leads More sales more money it’s like having a Great salesman who works 24/7 for no pay Hey that sounds like me shut up Kevin You get paid an experience don’t believe An intellectual like myself well how About an incredibly average person named Russell hi I’m an incredibly average Person named Russell what I’m not

Reading this script I created Clickfunnels because I own several small Businesses and myself skyrocketed when I Switched from using websites to funnels So I built a platform where I could Create my own funnels in just minutes She loved and now Yuki built funnels the Minutes – Oh she’ll often lower our Users have generated over 1.8 billion Dollars with click funnels and I want to Share our funnel secrets with you tell Me your secrets Russell I’m teaching a Class all about it go to death of a web Site calm and standing for a free web Class today we’ll teach you to use click Funnels to increase your sales will also Give you 3 click funnels that are Customized for your specific type of Business all for free that’s amazing Yes it is but I’ll take it from here Thank you Once you join the web class you’ll learn The secrets to grow your business click Funnels sell better across multiple Industries whether you’re a fitness Coach an artist a lawyer a woman that’s Not a profession it could be now maybe You’re thinking I know my website Doesn’t sell much but I’m not ready to Ditch it listen I’m not asking you to Divorce your site I’m just asking you to Cheat on it just test it after the Course you’ll get a 14-day free trial to Test your 3 click funnels we’ll show you

How to do your own click funnel test if Click funnels doesn’t significantly Increase your sales You can keep your latrine of a website With no risk so if you have a business And want to unleash its full potential Go to death of a website calm today Claim your spot in the web class and Join over 70,000 small businesses who Found success on click funnels I don’t Know what you do but I’d love to get in On it know when your website finally Dies your new and improved life begins With click funnels the website lives a Long life Too long in fact I know it’s awkward to Say this at a funeral but the website Will Be missed all right I’m sorry let’s eat.

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Resources 4: ClickFunnels 2.0 Help

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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