Creating a Funnel in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today In this video we’re going to talk about Creating a new funnel in your Clickfunnels account You can access the funnels dashboard by Clicking on site and funnels And then selecting the funnels tab in The pop-up menu that shows up on the Left hand side of your screen Since we’re creating a new funnel we’ll Click the black create funnel button Creating a new blank funnel is as Straightforward as choosing a name for The funnel And in this case we’ll choose the name Education video funnel As you can see The name education video funnel also Becomes the default funnel path URL But we could rename it if we wanted to If a funnel path Has already been used Then this URL available for use marker Will not appear and you will have to Change the funnel path URL to something That hasn’t already been created In your clickfunnels account You can click the black create funnel Button to create your funnel You’ll now show up on the funnel

Workflow You can add your first step by clicking On the add your first step by clicking Here button indicated with this pointer We did talk about creating funnel pages In your workflow in the previous video But we’ll click here We can choose whether we want to choose A page or a split path since there Hasn’t been a decision yet a split path Would be used for comparing two similar Pages to see which path the page layout Gets more conversions Right now though we’ll just create a Page We can choose also the of these funnel Categories For creating our first page We could choose all which shows alt Available funnel page templates my Funnel Pages for funnel page templates You’ve created Opt-in which shows opt-in type funnel Templates Thank you Pages which chooses thank you Type page funnel templates Sales which shows funnel templates Useful for making a sale and Order Funnel pages in which you could actually Process a transaction in this case we’ll Choose opt-in and choose this design We can always edit it later on We’ll choose a name And as you can see

The name test appears again as the URL Adding 1 2 the URL is available for use We can also add a description to this Page although this is optional as well As adjusting the SEO settings with page Title and description that web crawlers Can use to index the r page and find it For web browsers And search engines We can choose whether we want to be Indexed in search engines and we’ll Leave it as this is the first page we’ll Leave it on on Next click click create page to finish Creating your new page Although it’s not very long This workflow has a complete funnel Within it someone going to education Video here Would be brought to this page We can then later on add additional Funnel steps Whether that be another page or a split Path based on a decision made on the Page or as a split test to see which Design is more effective That’s all for now if you have any Questions or concerns about what you’ve Learned here feel free to reach out to Our excellent tech support team We will also have more videos and more Click funnels of the academy 2.0 lessons For you to learn more about this flat

Platform thanks for joining us and have A great day.

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