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Hi there I’m Drew with clickfunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today in this video we’re going to Be discussing the email templates tool In the marketing section of your Clickfunnels 2.0 account to begin with Click on the marketing tab on the left Hand side of your screen Once on this tab you can select the Email templates tab in the new pop-up Window that will appear You’ll now be on the email templates Dashboard This will show all of the email Templates that you have constructed or Imported For your click funnels 2.0 account to Build emails for your workflows and Broadcasts When communicating with your audience And contacts You can see templates that you’ve Created as templates Imported templates that you have gotten From other users or our Marketplace And recently used emails that you’ve Sent That you can use in order to create a Quick copy and send a similar email By creating a template from a recently Used sent email To start off let’s go back to my

Templates and click create template in The upper right hand corner You can select template to install or Start from scratch since we’re looking To create a template let’s choose start From scratch Choose a name and a from address The from address has to be a non-free Email associated with your clickfunnels Account If you don’t have an A sending email This can only be sent from the no reply At which may have Delivery issues if you have a customer Base that has not subscribed to click Funnels but does have a substantial Firewall or email screening set up with Their email addresses We’ll start off by using the phrase Education example And for our firm address we’re going to Choose the clickfunnels academy no reply At For the subject we’re going to choose An example of an education email We’ll click create template You’ll see that we’re in the editor it’s Much like the page editor although this One focuses only on those aspects of a Click funnels sent email that you might Find useful when creating an email Template You can create rows and settings And of course include content elements

Such as titles images buttons dividers Social media contacts HTML Blocks videos Icons menus text stickers and GIFs It should be noted that if you create Emails that are too large they may take Longer to deliver Depending upon the your recipient’s Settings and email address email Provider When you’ve created your email as you Desire to click save and exit And this will bring you back to the Email templates A thumbnail will appear in the left hand Side Since we didn’t put a lot into our email Our this one’s a white page but you can Imagine that this will would show any Substantial body content that you would Put into your email You can clone a template if you want to Make a simpler email quickly And you can adjust the settings which Include the name from address subject And if you’d like a plain text version Of your email at any time This tool is great if you want to send Similar emails via different workflows Or if you want to send similar update Broadcasts with just a few changes to Your entire content uh audience Share new content or updates on your Store or funnel That’s all we have time for right now

But if you have any questions or Concerns please don’t hesitate to reach Out to our excellent tech support team We’ll be happy to answer any questions You may have about the functionality of This setup also you can check out other Academy documents and videos for more Information about tools available in the Clickfunnels 2.0 platform I hope you Found this helpful have a great day.

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