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We’re going to be taking a look at the CRM or customer relationship management Features built into clickfunnels 2.0 Now you’ll find those in two places the First is the contact area and second we Have sales the sales section will be Coming in a future version of Click Funnels 2.0 so we’ll focus on the Contacts The first thing I want to show you is That the contacts page is divided into Two different what I like to call Buckets The first is contacts this is the Traditional list of people that you’re Used to seeing from click funnels 1.0 These are the people that you have their Contact information either you’ve added Them manually they’ve opted in or in a Feature that will be coming soon you’ve Done a bulk import but the point here is That you know their name you know their Contact information The visitor Bucket over here this is new And a very powerful feature The visitor bucket is going to allow you To track people who come to your pages Even if they don’t opt in Click funnels Will use their IP address to track their Activity then if later they ever do opt In then the contact record will inherit All of that data that click funnels

Gathered while they were only just a Visitor Next let’s take a look at an individual Contact record You’ll see that the first thing you’ll That happens when you click on that Contact record is their information will Pop up in a tray you can see most of Their information here or you can view Their full profile now here you’ll be Able to track an overview see their Activity you will soon have the ability To add notes you’ll be able to see which Marketing campaigns or workflows that They’re in you’ll be able to look at any Orders courses they’ve enrolled in or Products that they have purchased and You have fulfilled You can search on contacts by name email Address or anything else that you want To search for so for example here if I Search for default then the default Contact will pop up you can tag your Contacts create tags and then organize Those contacts by tag or you can use Segments which are essentially identical To an email marketing list I hope this Has been helpful have a great day.

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