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ClickFunnels Support team and I’m going to be going Over workflows within 2.0 so what is the Workflow a workflow is a new feature in Click funnels 2.0 which gives you the Option to trigger different actions Based on certain events within your Account So there are two options you can set up Your workflows so the first one is under Your dashboard under marketing And then workflows so you can see right Away I have a ton of workflows in my Account So let’s go over a couple of these so There’s all so this will list all of Your workflows there’s live draft Imported and archived you can also Search your workflows here You can filter them and you can sort Them as well so for this example let’s Go ahead and create our new workflow I’ll just call this new workflow One And create workflow So once you have done that it will take You into the workflow editor so a couple Of things to note here there is an Analytics button here if you click on That it will give you the analytics for Your workflow and you can also further Segment that to specific dates if you’d Like

The settings button here will bring this Option up to rename your workflow And the important one over here is the Toggle button so you want to enable your Workflow so once you’re done creating it Be sure to enable it so it can run And you also have an icon here which you Can hide your analytics and hide your Minimap and also there’s an action to Back populate So workflows do not trigger for any old Contacts who existed before the workflow Was created if you would like to include Them you can back populate the workflow So you can schedule for each step Relative to the date the contact met the Trigger condition or you can schedule For each step relative to when I click The back populate button so a couple of Options there So in order for the workflow to work we Need to set a trigger so if we click on This it’ll give us an option to add a Trigger And there we can set it to active There are currently four event types That you can use so calendar event Contact registered Order successful purchase opt-in and Page view so for this I’m just going to Select page view So you also need to narrow down which Funnel and Page this trigger will work Off of

So I’ll just select funnel two And my page here and create trigger now Once you do that it will just show you The trigger here and you can also add New triggers if you’d like so go ahead And close that out Now if we click on this icon you can see It gives us a list of all the things we Can do within our workflow So we can send email In the future we will be able to send Our sequence Conditional split path split test delay Trigger another workflow end path There are internal actions where you can Tag your contact you can add a note You can notify so notification So You also have webhook and enroll so Let’s go ahead and try to Let’s add a note here so go ahead and Add note And once you drag that over so we’ll Just say Contact Viewed our order page And we can create that step So now whenever that page view is Triggered it will add a note into their Contact profile that says they viewed Our order page Now the other place you can set your Workflow is within the funnel itself so

If we go into our dashboard and if we go To sites and funnels then over to Funnels If we select our funnel here It’ll bring up our funnel View And here is where you’ll manage your Workflows if you have existing workflows The button will look like this and it Will show your show you your workflow But if it’s a new step So if I just create this one here It will show up as a lightning bolt icon As you can see here So that was a brief overview of Workflows within 2.0 I really hope this Information was helpful and I hope you Have an awesome rest of your day thank You.

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