Step by Step Guide to Creating Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn Step by Step Guide to Creating Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0.

ClickFunnels education and in this video we’re Going to be covering the new memberships Area inside of Click funnels 2.0 now This is coming as the new branded Courses section and this does replace All those membership funnels and the Setup we have with memberships within Clickfunnels 1.0 so to firstly access This what you want to go ahead and do is Head to your site and funnels here in The clickfunnels dashboard and on the Left hand side you’ll see a drop down Here for courses once you click this You’ll see the new courses section So Within this section we can filter by Published courses coming soon courses at Any draft courses as well as on the Right hand side create a new course in This instance this is what we’re going To go ahead and do just to show you what This process looks like once you’ve Selected this you’re able to create a Course template or in this instance We’re going to create a blank one We’re going to give this a title so We’re going to call this the training Course we’ll give a description about This is the course to learn courses And what we’re going to go ahead and do Is if we wanted to add a default theme Or change that we could do that there as

Well as add a thumbnail image on the Right hand side but we’re going to Create this course for now so you can go Ahead and see what is in here I’m going To pause this and come back to you in One moment now that this is loaded what I want to show you is the new updated Area within a course that once you’ve Created it so previously we’re used to Lesson sections and lessons that are Nested in those lesson sections in Click Funnels 2.0 we have modules as well as Enrollments and lessons as well so what I’m going to go ahead and do is first Things first do an overview here inside This course that we’ve created so on the Top you can see we can preview this we Can go to the settings which allows us To go to options such as the title the Description as well as that thumbnail Image that we have the option of Changing originally changing the style The set the template page and any other Information regarding products as well We can also update the course here on The right hand side Coming back out of there this is where We want to go ahead and add our first Module so inside our course we’re going To click on the add new module button And what this allows us to do is create A first module so this is going to be First module Give this a description

And you’ll see that the URL path is Actually automatically populated and the System will tell us if that’s been used Anywhere else or if there’s a clash a Really great feature that one actually The thumbnail image as well can be set To in this instance we’re going to leave This as it is and we’re just going to Create the module for the sake of this Training video but you are able to go Ahead and expand the image settings here If you want to go ahead and do that Great now that that’s created what You’re able to see here underneath the Training course overview is a drop down Of all the modules you’ve created so if I was to create a second one this would Nest under that one and you’d see a neat List of every single module what the Great feature is to note here is once I’ve got more than one module for Example let’s just do module two as well Here Let’s create that you are able to which You weren’t previously able to do in Click funnels 1.0 is drag and drop these And reorganize them and this is a really Good feature that a lot of people are Going to want to use so once we’ve Created a module obviously we want to go Ahead and add some lessons within that Module we’re able to go ahead on the Right hand side and select the add Lesson option you can also add a module

Too but in this instance we’re going to Add a lesson and this is the information That the uh your customers or whoever it Is that’s in here is going to want to be Consuming so this would be lesson Um your introduction for example the First lesson where people are going to Learn what this course is about you’re Able to add a thumbnail image audio Settings and any video settings for Example embed a video that you want to Add for this training okay once you’ve Added all this information you can also Expand advanced settings as well and Change the style of this if you want to You can select the template page here in The top right hand corner but because This is just for the example of this Training we’re going to go ahead and Save this one as it is and create this Lesson Now that that lesson has been created You’re able to see this nested under the First module here above it all of these Are currently in draft status you are Able to publish them by selecting this Drop down here but for now we’re going To leave this in draft status this would Be the same process to follow if you Want to add multiple lessons let’s go Ahead and add another lesson in here Just to see how that works we’re going To call this one lesson two we’re going To leave all the information blank for

Now I’m going to go ahead and create a Lesson Again as with the modules on the left Hand side which you weren’t able to do In 1.0 we can now drag and drop this and Rearrange the order of these lessons and This allows greater flexibility and Organization when creating a course Inside of clickfunnels 2.0 now you may See the feature for enrollments Available this isn’t currently ready for Public launch but this will be something That will be available in the future So now that we’ve created our training Course we’ve got our first module with Two lessons inside of it and we’ve also Got a second module as well here with Currently no content inside we want to Go ahead and we want to customize the Theme and the way this looks inside of The editor on the top right hand corner You’ll see we’ve got the customize Button here available we’re going to go Ahead and select that and that’s going To allow us to edit both the module page As well as the lesson page too let me Walk you through each of these now so First things first we’re going to cover The course homepage here on the top left Hand side you are able to select the um Settings icon here which will allow you To edit the course itself and edit some Of those specific details but as I Mentioned earlier for now we’re just

Going to go ahead and we’re going to Cover the course home page customization Options And more importantly we’re going to Cover the specific elements that are Available to be used so inside of this Section here what we can go ahead and do Is if we hover over the add element area You’ll see there’s an option on the Right hand side for course specific Elements this allows us to select things Such as name of the course the link to Specific sections publish date of that Specific lesson or module as well as Descriptions images collections podcast Links and course sidebar now underneath Modules you’ll see that we also have Specific things for modules And underneath course lessons here You’ll see that we’ve got specific Elements available for lessons as well In this example that we’re using here of The course homepage we’re going to go Ahead and we’re going to use course Elements and this allows us to Dynamically pull content across from Perhaps lessons or modules that we’ve Created to display here on our course Homepage So underneath the elements option here We’re going to add an element what we’re Going to go ahead and do is we’re going To go to course elements and we’re going To use the collection element now this

Is going to be able to allow us to Display a whole collection as you can See here underneath this and I’m going To show you how to build this quickly so Collection we’re going to select we’re Going to choose a one column row To kind of make this look really good And we’re going to add elements for Example the publish date we’re going to Add a description an image and I think We’re also going to add a link URL as Well so what this allows us to do is Pull across the content that we’ve Created and display it on our course Home page so that that information will Display for enrolled customers who want To access this information and the Trainings Now when it comes to editing the module Content as well as the lesson content And the way that’s displayed what you’ll Notice is if you go on the left hand Side and select any of these things here It’s going to give you a warning that Says you don’t have Dynamic replace Content in this lesson template page you Can add it editing the template page so You want to go ahead and click on edit Template and in the same way that’s Basically just going to redirect you to Across to this tab here where you can Edit the default lesson page for your Lessons as well as the default module Page for your modules let’s take a quick

Look at the module page editor here if I Want to go ahead and add an element to This page that is specific to modules I Want to go ahead to the right hand side Select course scroll down until I find The course modules elements and then go Ahead like we did with the course home Page go ahead and select collection one Column row we can add the same Information in here if we want to so for Example let’s go with name and image This time around just something really Simple you can play around with the Editor here so you can customize the Colors the fonts just as you would with Any other kind of setup And it’s the same principle for the Lesson page here on the left hand side So you would obviously go ahead and save This template here and once you’ve done That you can go to the left hand side And edit the lesson template as well so This is how the content that you’ve got Within one lesson is going to display Across the whole course right so here on The right hand side you’ll see we’ve got A mark complete and go to the next Lesson and this information is set up Here you’ve also got the lesson specific Elements that you can use here on the Right hand side which we’ll cover very Briefly which includes name link image Audio video publish date and collection Very very similar to the ones that we’re

Familiar with on those other sections Too and this just allows you to build Out the kind of template that you want Let’s just say for example we want to Change this Rose background And we want to change the color to be Let’s just say a very light shade of Pink that might be an edit that you want To make and you can customize every Single lesson Um in this template that’s going to be Used so that will then be displayed Across each of your lessons within your Course area Now that we’ve overviewed that that is a Very quick and brief overview of how the New membership features work within 2.0 This covers the course itself any Modules that you want to add in there as Well as any lessons including the Customization options that you have Available including those specific page Elements that you can use that are Dynamic to the content you want to add I Hope this helps there’s a lot of Information here any questions feel free To ask have a great rest of your day I’ll speak to you soon.

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