Don’t drop your prices of your web design services!

One of the biggest mistakes that a Designer can make in a sales call is Dropping your prices even if a prospect Tells you that they want it to be Cheaper or they were looking for Something more affordable if you drop Your prices right off the bat it will Devalue your services and the work that You do and the way that the prospect Perceives your services is going to go Way down so instead of just dropping Your prices right off the bat what you Should do is take the time to rebuild The value and help them see the value And then throw in some additional Bonuses some additional services or Value that you can offer and then keep The price the same this will increase The value but keep the price the same And it should make it seem worth it to The prospect if this doesn't work at the Very end you can drop price but make it Seem like it hurts so you don't seem Like you're just cheaping out and Lowering the price just because

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