Turn UGLY to BEAUTIFUL Funnels in Clickfunnels

Alright so how do you create a brand With funnels because there’s been a myth Going around in this funnel community That with funnels you can’t really have Beautiful pages there’s like ugly Funnels converts better and then there’s Like clickfunnels pages ugly and then What the is this i think that’s the Biggest compliment when people say they See my funnels and they say is that Built on click funnels and i’m like yeah Like it’s a page builder like it’s how You use the tool it’s a tool so anyways In this what i want to share is how i Take a brand new client and i redesign a Existing funnel that they have right and They have multiple funnels and then how I create an ecosystem with consistent Branding and congruency In their design and their overall Branding so we’re gonna take a look at The first page you might have seen Glimpse you know pieces of this page on The on the channel i want to kind of First scroll through this page so you Can see what it looks like And then i’ll show you some of the Upsell pages the other offers that they Have in the home page which we’re now Building out but i want to show you how To basically leverage some of the assets That you build once to create that Congruency throughout like on social Media on your upsells your other offers

So maybe you have a book in an event Okay so do you just like have them Completely different Or is it the same branding and how do You separate the two and still have that Professional branding so number one a Blueprint to grow youtube channel into a Cashflow machine again it’s in the works So we’re building this for the client That being said if some of the copy Isn’t 100 That’s why because we haven’t like Changed everything yet but You’ll see that the Branding throughout this is blue Greenish gradient right and so this is The sales page for Their front-end offer the youtube Channel blueprint seven bucks is four i Know you’re not good at camera i’m all Caught on camera my camera gear sucks so Walk through the Different objection handling principles Just like i do with with every funnel Build that i go through And then call to action sneak peek what You’re gonna learn inside and then the Offer stack with some bonuses again some Of these things i’m sure they’re gonna Change by the time they launch it meet The the author scott And then some images there to comma club Speaking on stage who it’s for Faq call to action right but then we

Have the order form so like okay here’s Everything you get you fill it out you Buy it for seven dollars that’s amazing Right and then we say wait are in Progress if you want faster results Views subscribers leads and revenue From your channel then pay attention That’s what the entire design is saying Like stop don’t refresh or close down This page to avoid double charges so for This one you can see we have the same Background but the buttons change you Can see that we have a green now okay so Something is different we got the Mock-ups here something is different This is a bundle of some sort so i now Go ahead and i read through this what is This join the inner circle let’s scale Your business so now we’re talking about This youtube channel but now we’re Talking video marketing social media Like growing your brand using video Right and then we have a thank you page And by the way we have other options as Well but i’m just showing you like the Leverage method from the first assets That we build right so if i scroll down You’ll see So the same background with new mockups Okay But then we take a look at another Program they have called the dark horse Accelerator program so now we change the Background we change the colors

Completely but the style is the same you Can see the the background is different But we use sort of the same like here For example we just have the red because It’s like the dark horse society grow Your business on on youtube social media And you know it’s more premium and so Dark horse it’s a little bit darker as Well but overall you can see that we Still leverage the blocks from the Upsell page right and now if i just show You the home page in progress as well You’ll see that we have the same tone The same hue the same gradient layer but Then we have an image of scott speaking On stage and then you know our sponsors Include we go down to building the page Using some of the background images some Of the gradients but we mix it up so That people can tell if there is yeah Let me buy this impulse buy seven Dollars oh here’s a membership oh i can Actually get coaching awesome this is Different like there’s a another you Know color sort of the contrast color so We have the basic colors and then we Have the feature callers the contrast And that’s you know the button that’s The differentiator that says hey this is Something new let me check it out so you Don’t have to be like super flashy and Have like wait stop don’t refresh buy This it’s a one-time special offer it’ll Never be here again

You can have it super simple and it’s Just like here’s a special offer if you Want to join maybe you want this thing Too you know a lot of people pick this One but it’s different and that’s how You can leverage that so i know short Video hopefully it’s helpful if you want To see more videos like this make sure You subscribe all the good stuff also if You want to learn how to build funnels How get clients or maybe you have a Business you want to increase your Conversions on your funnels it’s all Available full Timefunnel.designer.com there’s a Discount code in the description with The link as well and i’ll see in the Next one

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