How I met my $100 million wife and biz partner

When I met her on our first date she Really want to talk about business all The time I was like well this is great We talked for four hours only about Business and I was like this is great Bumble so I swiped right swiped right Literally and swipe right in terms of Right and left swipe correct she was Telling me what her dreams and Aspirations were and she had Big Dreams She wanted to open a gym someday at the Time I think I had five I was like let Me just LeapFrog you I already know what You're about to try and do I know all The failures starting this new thing you Should do it with me she didn't really Believe me yet because I mean I hadn't Even started it yet so it's just kind of Like an idea and she had built up her Own personal training business she had Her own thing going but I was like I'm Gonna do this and so I went and I Launched three gyms came back I Processed like 100 Grand in front of her And she was like what the hell is this She ended up processing it with me she's Like is this legal and I was like yes And she was like okay I'm it so she Ended up quitting and joining me there Because she knew it's like there's Product Market fit like people wanted This and I was good at it and so that's When we started flying around doing the Launches together

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