What’s the goal, 10 billion or bust?

What's the goal here is the goal to get To a billion yeah the goal is to get to 10 billion the mission is to just make Real business knowledge available for Everyone everything I do online that's Why I make the books so I make the Courses that's why we do the YouTube Stuff that's why we make the shorts or We do podcasts that's why we do all of It it's just to make real business Education available every but I have to Answer the question why should I listen To you I want to be unassailable in that Perspective a and then B I do believe That I'll gain more perspective as Things grow so it's more than I'm just Curious my goal is to just document the Path that we learn along the way you Know when I die hopefully there'll just Be a whole bunch of people who are Younger than me who make way more money Than I do at my age because they were Able to just shortcut a lot and I have Had many mentors in many coaching Programs in many courses I differ from The vast majority of the talking heads In the business space I to my knowledge I'm the only one who came up through That world like you look at Andy for Sale you look at my life you look at Gary none of them came up through Learning stuff on YouTube going to Seminars going to coaching programs so I'm a huge advocate for alternative


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