I almost failed my 1st semester of college

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Middle Eastern father immigrant came Here with nothing there was never an Illusion that work was not required to Get to where you wanted to go the moment Were really shifted though I was Probably in college everything had come Easy to me school-wise I did really well But in college I went to Vanderbilt and Everyone there was really smart I just Always expected I could just not save For anything and like I would Ace it and I didn't have that happen and so I ended Up going fall break with like a 1-0 and So he was like hey I'm just not going to Keep you in school if this is what's Going to happen so I didn't go out Didn't do anything for the remainder of The semester and I think I finished with A 3-2 I basically got an A on every Single assignment from that point bar Was set it was probably the moment Though where I tied hours of work to Outcome and then that just became my Mo Like everyone knew it was like hermosis In class at the library at the gym or at The cafeteria four things from nine to Nine every day

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