If you’re deciding what to do with your life

So if you're in the position of trying To figure out what you want to do with Your life or the easiest ways to decide Is figure out how big the opportunity is And cut out everything that's below what Actual goal you want to have in your Life I had a mentor tell me if the thing Isn't going to make you a billion Dollars in your career then it's not Worth putting your attention to it's not That I can't make money doing X Y or Z It's of all of the things I could Possibly do if all of them take time why Not go and pursue the one that has the Highest potential upside so when you Start pursuing an opportunity make sure It's the biggest one and then that way Nothing below that line ever distracts You from your ultimate goal for you it Might not be a billion dollars but pick Whatever number feels realistically Attainable to you and then draw a line And say nothing below that am I going to Pursue

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