Loyalty vs Cheating

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The difference between somebody who's Loyal to their wife and somebody who is Not is not the fact that they might get Caught because that happens they're Human you're going to have emotions Right the difference between somebody Who's loyal not is whether they cheat It's the same thing with patience Honesty it's not do you want to lie it's Do you choose not to despite wanting to Lie it's just like courage it's not the Absence of fear but taking action Despite it and so I think a lot of those Character traits a lot of people it Feels like these amorphous things that We want to have and take off the shelf And put inside of ourselves we think That we need to feel a certain way in Order to be a patient person or be a Kind person or whatever when at least in My experience it's been you don't feel That way and you take the action that a Patient or kind or courageous or loyal Or honest person would take despite the Feeling

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