My $600,000 Mistake as a Funnel Agency

Want to talk about the 600k mistake That i did early on 600k where’s this Number from well i’ve done from just one Stripe account over 600k In revenue not profit not in the bank Revenue people that i’ve been able to Offer a solution and they have paid me Money in services and products 600k is a Lot for someone who comes from a small City a small country and making 400 a Month in a job to then build a business Online work from anywhere and make 600 000 and it sounds like a lot and it is a Lot But i think i could have made more Without sounding too greedy i think i Could have made more by just fixing this One like mindset shift and yesterday i Had a conversation with a person in my One of my programs And i told him this because he sent me a Portfolio link of his funnels that he’s Building and i told him like first i Started typing and i told him look bro I’ll be honest with you And he saw it and i was like this is not Enough like there’s more within you this Is not enough like you can do better Than this And that’s tough love that’s the part of Me that’s like being the brother you Know not the Friend who is kind of like yeah you know It looks good but instead being like

This It’s okay but i know there’s more within You so how can we fix it how can we be More focused less distracted and Actually up level our Skills and this comes from a couple of Years ago i started doing social media Marketing before i i went into funnels It was actually social media then lead Gen then websites and then With that transitioning into funnels Because i wanted to build more automated Sales funnels for people and work maybe More so even the fact that i wanted to Have fun working with people who are Entrepreneurs and business owners and Creators coaches course creators like That sort of like online Entrepreneurship Field more so than like Just working with traditional clients Like i love local clients not so much Like the Traditional corporations like the big Ones i remember one you know the time That i hit my first 1k client i was Driving in my little portal small car i Was driving to this meeting to meet up With a local client you know i had this Plan of like here’s what we’re going to Do for your brand here’s how we’re going To increase your visibility and get more Sales for your business and i left that Day with a 1k deal 1k per month and i

Was ecstatic because i i knew that this Is gonna change my life you know i got Back and i told my wife like we’re gonna Make it because if i can get one client At 1k i can get two three four five ten Why not a hundred why not thousands and And here i am now built almost 400 Clients anyway so the reason i tell you This because Everything was good for a little bit Everything was fine i was uh being you Know productive creating content and Getting leads and sales for for my Clients started selling websites it was Good it wasn’t where it’s at right now Obviously but i remember the shift this One day when a client reached out and uh Told me that it didn’t feel like i was 100 invested you know it was not that it Was bad it was just that it didn’t they Didn’t feel like i cared enough You know like we could do more and i Knew we could And for me it was this the transition to Funnels started like slowly growing from A seed inside of me like i wish i could Just work more with entrepreneurs you Know people want to provide for their Family people have a vision of having Freedom time location financial freedom People who think like me like clients Who i would actually love hanging out With and it’s funny because now i have Those clients but it was scary switching

So anyways he could feel this by the way Side note When i had Team members and i hired people locally To my marketing agency i think i did Them a disservice by not being fully Present and not you know fully focused And again it goes back to like what was My personal goal well it was more being Online being a creator creative person Not a manager or ceo you got to know What you want and then build around that And obviously find a problem that you’re Solving in in the marketplace the shift From like just doing barely what was Required doing just enough to get by It made me probably the first six Figures you know a little bit more than That but it didn’t make me 600k it Didn’t make me more than that it didn’t Make me a multi-six figure business or Even which my goal is to have a Seven-figure lean online business not a Big team creating impactful content Assets tools tutorials and stuff that Will help millions of people that’s my My long-term goal shifting my mindset From how do i do just what’s barely Enough To actually Super Focused work deep zone work stuff that I’m deeply passionate about and it’s Getting people result like this like

Clockwork if you implement this it’s Gonna work for you it’s gonna generate Leads it’s gonna generate you sales and So i asked myself not the question like Okay what did i agree to do that was the First mindset rookie mistake instead was Like how can i become better than Anybody else probably i’ll never you Know be the number one whatever you know That’s up to people to decide For me it’s about becoming so good that Every client in the space that i go into Wants to work with me And it’s funny ever since that at first It was like a lot of hustle a lot of Late nights a lot of 12 hour days 16 Hour days you know once i got kids i Stopped working Sundays and so that’s been better but This focus of how do i become better How do i build funnels that are amazing Not just look amazing that’s the first Step making them to look amazing okay Then the copy Then just becoming instead of funnel Builder a funnel consultant how do i Understand the funnel flows the road Maps the automation systems the Everything that goes into making sure The funnel converts And how do i do this long enough so that I have experience what’s experience Experience is building something long Enough so you have like now when i coach

People ask me hey what type of funnel do I need for this person well this is what We did when we did you know work with This type of client okay awesome hey Ghost my funnel is not converting why do You think that is hey let me take a look At it oh you could add a vsl in here Okay after the opt-in you have a vsl in Here that way you get more people to Book a call with you Oh yeah i never thought about that sweet Here this one doesn’t literally look Great but i don’t know what the problem Is i can go in and say look the spacing The aesthetics is not there there’s no Contrast here there’s no scroll stopper And you’re not also explaining clearly Enough in the copy what the offer is who Is for who it’s not for there’s no faq There’s no risk reversal or guarantee There’s a lot of things missing because I spent years Going through and failing and learning And creating and building and Selling and Marketing and doing all these things to Figure out what works This shift for me is going to make me a Millionaire one day i truly believe that And it’s not because I’m gonna sell something that’s like Easy to sell there’s nothing easy to Sell in fact i make more money by Selling funnels and billing funnels than

Youtube then products then courses People say oh that’s what people do to Have an easy life not me But my goal is to every single day be The best version i can be Not just in one area of life but Specifically in the skills that i sell The services that i offer And when you have that mindset you can Take a look at your profile your Portfolio your sales funnels and ask Yourself genuinely Is this the best that i can produce or Have i been slacking have i been this Focused have i been watching netflix Again it goes back to like what do you Want out of life and then if you want The lifestyle of traveling which now my Goal is to travel more now because i Feel like i’ve deserved it it’s just Because i feel like i can do stuff Faster now i can build funnels faster And charge more work with less people Charge them more because they’re better Clients they can afford it And so if i sell one funnel every week For 5k that’s 20k per month on top of my Other four different income streams Then i can just continue doing what i’m Doing and live a little bit different Than when i was figuring out but if You’re in the learning stages and if You’re just getting started It’s okay to give yourself one year two

Years three years you know they say most Businesses fail in three years i can Understand why but don’t let that happen And if you fail just start again start Over and get into the game of building Fall in love with the journey of Learning And just become the master of focus and Building your skill set because that’s a Toolbox that nobody can take from you so Hopefully this was valuable to you this Was a lesson of my what i call the 600k Lesson what i believe can be a six Million dollar lesson now that i’ve Implemented this for a couple of years And i hope just like i told my friend Here remembering full-time funnel Designer i told him look your portfolio Is okay it’s probably a seven eight out Of ten I want mine to be 11 out of 10. why not You Why not make sure that your results that You get for people is an 11 out of 10. That’s why when most people spend four Hours on a funnel they call it yeah it’s Good enough you know they barely change The template i take the template and use The structure and i change everything Every single detail to make sure that It’s customized to a client that is my Lesson for you hopefully that’s valuable If you have any other questions Let me know in the comments below and uh

What was your takeaway from this what Are you going to do differently i would Like to know And That’s it for this video i’ll see in the Next [Music]

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