My First FULL Ironman w. 12 Months Training

[Music] All right so we’re now on our way to Taco been waiting for this for a very Long time so i’m very excited slightly Nervous but also feel very confident Because yesterday i went to the store to Get the final pieces and i have a list Of everything that i needed i just Checked everything off and bought Everything that i could need and and Everything that might happen i’ve been Preparing for the worst i feel great now We’re gonna get there and then I’m gonna carb load a lot with pasta and Then go check out the The bike and the running Routes roots route And we’re gonna see kind of how it looks And everything excited [Music] How we’re looking it’s done doesn’t look Too good so you hear this one yeah One fpv We almost made it there that’s a good Thing it is what it is [Music] Uh [Music] Their customer support closed like 20 Minutes ago so I’ll probably sleep somewhere Here Totally Uh yes yes

Very much success Looks decent [Applause] Mother trucker dude that hurt like a Bunch she gonna stick bro we can’t use this bike Gustan is jealous of the competition Because they put the bike on the road So one of the things that we’ve realized Already is the smart people put the bike On top of the Car not behind it as we could tell the Bike is already injured so high Expectations going into this race i’m Gonna test it out make sure everything Is working and then do a proper bike Ride tonight Along with a little bit of swimming so [Music] All right so we got nine minutes To go to the iron man village and Get registered i think it’s here taco So yeah Hey guys do you know where to register For iron man Oh another okay so we’re right now in Transition Transition zone which you know we’re Just checking this out we knew it wasn’t Here but uh now we’re going to check in Last minute It might be like literally last minute Do we register here My goal is to qualify for that

Become one Identity based marketing become an Ironman [Music] All right so we just finished the Registration last minute And we are getting the bike fixed when We traveled here there were some issues With the bike so We saw a place at the registration where You could pay a 50 and you could get Your your bike fixed so that’s what We’re doing just to make sure that Things are okay they’re gonna put the Right air pressure in the tires and all Of that so Grateful for people who are better than Me at this time because i’m a first Timer But not a last timer [Music] Did [Music] Huge shout out to the race check guys Man what a difference this is awesome [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] So [Music]

All right so we just finished the swim Test And it’s amazing like the weather The conditions overall No wind it’s perfect And i feel good a little bit Cold as in i didn’t do any warm-up i Just checked out the water so feels Great And i’m excited i just i wanted to be Here now I’m ready to go so why iron man um a lot Of reasons number one i’ve wanted to do This for a very long time i never did it Until i saw matz put on a post on Instagram saying he’s going to do an Iron man i was like let me do it let me Join you and i think the biggest reason Was you know i’ve always liked sport but Then once i stopped playing football and Started my business that kind of got to The point where it was the only thing i Was doing i was neglecting my health my Relationships and everything outside of Business and so for me Iron man gave me a chance to recommit to My friends family my marriage my health And everything that’s important in life Outside of business as well and it’s way More Important than you might realize to be Able to finish iron man it’s not just a Race it’s not just doing something In terms of running biking swimming it’s

Actually Saying that you’re going to do something And then committing and actually doing It and following through Like the runs at 2 am the biking at 3 am Going home from office It’s all those miles when nobody’s Watching just like in business it’s Those hours when nobody’s watching but You do it because you said you’re going To do it because you promised the client You’re going to do it because you said To yourself to your wife to whoever You’re going to build this business and It’s the same thing it’s the same Standard that you set for yourself in All areas of life and that’s what i’m Bringing to this iron man and that’s What’s gonna drive me to actually finish As well so You know it’s it’s hard it’s gonna suck It’s gonna be painful but also fun so You gotta first enjoy it and then you Endure it and then you get to reap the Benefits of it so i’m excited [Music] All right so it’s friday and we’re one Day out just came back from the Village to you know when to get some More stuff magnesium and some guarana Shots so packing the bags we have the Blue bag is for the bike transition so Everything from the swim goes into the Bag and everything from the bag goes on

Me As i go out on the bike and so i packed The bike with uh snickers A couple of gels and all the good stuff So Now we’re gonna pack this bag and then We have another one for The run as well the red one and I’m gonna pack these up and then we’re Gonna go out to the transition zone to Leave everything there overnight so that We can focus on the swim in the morning So Yeah That’s what we’re doing now [Music] We have the official Race Piece Race suit and That one is going down in there as well [Music] Don’t forget to collect your timing chip The timing chip is the piece that i can Put On my ankle wrist to Be able to or allow you guys to track me So you’ll see there he is and you can Take a nap and you’re like okay he Stopped right there he stopped there He’s probably throwing up Oh he’s continuing good he’s not giving Up [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Back out [Music] Foreign [Music] All right so we just finished leaving The bike at the check-in and that is the Transition one and two So left the bike bag and the Running bag i think i put everything in There but we still have tomorrow morning Between six and seven a.m To go Back and make sure that we have Everything including the sports drinks The gels i think we have everything so The last thing was the tracker And this allows everyone to follow along On the journey from the swim to the bike To the run To see Where i’m at and also i think mostly for Security purposes so the iron man the Organization can see Everybody’s making it back safely or in An ambulance either way we just got to Make sure that everybody gets home Safely so Yeah that’s it.

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